Honduran Black Opal

Description for Birthstone: Honduran Black Opal

Honduran Black Opal is a unique variety of Matrix Opal that is highly prized by jewelers as well as crystal healers. One of the distinctive features of this variety of Opal is that in contrast to most Opals, it can be polished at a relatively high temperature.

The Honduran Black Opal occurs in basalt belts of volcanic origin along the Opalaca mountain range near the town of Erandique, Honduras. Specifically the Honduran Black Opal is obtained from the Tablon mine, which is locally known under the name of "Gualguire". The Tablon mine, is the oldest known Opal mine in the world and also the largest mine in the country. This variety of Matrix Opal is exceptionally difficult to mine. First of all reaching the mine is quite dangerous, as it is located at a very high altitude and can only be accessed on foot or with a mule via a narrow track, which is barely three feet wide. Secondly, the Honduran Black Opal is hand chiseled out of the volcanic Basalt and afterwards the rough lapidary material has to be taken down the steep pathway by donkeys or mules.

The Honduran Black Opal resembles a pitch-black rock covered with glitter in all colors of the rainbow. The black background with the shining multi-colored specs has a mesmerizing effect on anyone who gazes at this magical stone.

The Honduran Black Opal is a stone of mystery and sacred teachings. It is a wonderful crystalline ally for inter-dimensional Shamanic travel, especially for accessing the information contained in the Akashic records. Furthermore, spiritual teachers, shamans and the elders of an ancient people who have been appointed to teach the sacred knowledge that had been handed down to them from earlier generations, can wear or carry a piece of Honduran Black Opal as a personal talisman.

The Honduran Black Opal's energies are like a volcano erupting at the bottom of the ocean bed or like a display of firework on a pitch-dark night sky. The dark background makes the shining specs of light more visible. Likewise, the Honduran Black Opal is a stone of contrasts that coexist and complement each other. Hence, this special variety of Matrix Opal is a perfect stone for finding the golden mean, making peace between opposing parties and creating cooperation between diverse communities. Negotiators, arbitrators, peace facilitators, lawyers and judges can meditate or sleep with a piece of Honduran Black Opal to gain a deeper understanding about the issue that they need to resolve, and thereby ensure a fairer and more just resolution.