Pink Opal

Description for Birthstone: Pink Opal

Pink Opal

The Pink Opal (Peruvian or Australian) is the lucky stone for astrologers, psychics and healers. It has been called the "Stone of Spiritual Awakening" by many light workers. It's energies help to tune into the rhythms of the celestial bodies and synchronize with them. This helps to activate the inner healing process of both spirit and body.

The Pink Opal is also known as a "Stone for Renewal", as it provides spiritual and emotional nourishment for people who went through hardships during their development in early life. Individuals, who suffered any form of deprivation, whether physical or emotional, can meditate with a piece of Pink Opal to aid the healing process. Moreover, healers can use a pendulum with a Pink Opal to transmit healing energies to a patient.

Meditating with a Pink Opal during a past life regression can bring to the surface of your conscious mind, memories from your past lives, which can be important clues to solving issues in your present life. Alternatively, you can place a Pink Opal under your pillow before going to sleep and ask the Creator to send you advice and guidance in your dreams; this will help you to receive psychic dreams with vivid scenes from your past lives.

The gentle and soothing energies of the Pink Opal make it an excellent crystalline ally for preventing nightmares, especially for children who find it difficult to fall asleep or suffer from nightmares. Moreover, the Pink Opal can help victims of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), especially soldiers, who suffer from sleep disorders and nightmares.

If you suffer from phobias or tend to worry excessively, you can wear a piece of jewelry set with a Pink Opal to alleviate your fears. Should you suffer a panic attack, then hold a piece of Pink Opal with your right hand to your heart and allow it's comforting energies calm you and stabilize your pulse rate.

If you feel the need to change and transform, then meditating with a Pink Opal in your left hand can help you find the best and least painful way to do so successfully. Conversely, if you are trying to support someone who is making changes in his/her life and attempting to transform into being a more spiritually evolved person, then you can use a Pink Opal to send him/her healing energies. The best way to do so is to hold a piece of Pink Opal in your right hand and focus your intentions on that person whilst uttering your blessings for them.