Description for Birthstone: Unakite

Unakite, also known as Unakite Jasper or Unakite Granite, is a combination of Pink Feldspar, Green Epidote, and Quartz. Like all green and pink stones, Unakite's vibrations are beneficial for healing emotional wounds. Pink is the color for universal love and green is the color for prosperity. Love and prosperity are intricately linked because the energy of love attracts prosperity and conversely prosperity expands the capacity for love. Giving is the primordial act of expressing love and prosperity enables one to give because one needs to have in order to give. Quartz is an energetic amplifier; hence, the inclusion of quartz amplifies Unakite's energies of love and prosperity. You can place a piece of Unakite into your moneybag as a talisman for attracting prosperity and financial success.

Many physical and psychological health issues are brought on by suppressed anger, resentment and other negative emotions. Wearing or carrying a piece of Unakite can help you to release all those toxic pent-up feelings that are adversely affecting your health. Remember: forgetting what hurts is the best way to heal.

The healing energies of Unakite are sublime and work gradually but are also long-term. Unakite is especially beneficial for slowly but surely getting rid of harmful habits like overeating, smoking and the consumption of alcohol.

Meditating with a piece of Unakite can balance your emotions with your intuition and logical mind. This allows you to utilize and apply all your energies for the highest good. By balancing and synchronizing your spirituality with your practicality, you transform these opposed and contradicting forces into one focused and united power for you to apply in whatever you do. Here is a simple method for meditating with a piece of Unakite:

1. Before going to sleep lie in bed on your back with your eyes closed.

2. Hold with your right hand a piece of Unakite against your third eye (the point on your temple between both eye brows just above the bridge of your nose).

3. When you feel yourself getting drowsy, place the Unakite under your pillow and go to sleep.

4. The following morning you will wake up with refreshed mental and intuitive energies as well as a more focused and clear mind.

Unakite is also a stone of fertility. It aids in getting pregnant and also promotes healthy pregnancies and easy births. Furthermore, pregnant women can wear or carry a piece of Unakite to facilitate the healthy development of the unborn baby.