White Moonstone

Description for Birthstone: White Moonstone

White Moonstone

The White Moonstone vibrates the energies of the Moon on a clear winter night. Meditating with a piece of White Moonstone before going to sleep and/or placing it under your pillow, can induce clear night visions and prophetic dreams. This crystalline ally also helps to prevent insomnia and nightmares.

The White Moonstone is used to balance fluctuating emotions and restore inner peace and tranquility. If placed under your pillow, the White Moonstone can help to heal emotional traumas deep in your subconscious mind as well as release all painful memories during your sleep.

Meditating with a piece of White Moonstone in your left hand, can help you find creative solutions to any issue that is occupying your mind. Alternatively, meditating with a piece of White Moonstone in your right hand, can enhance your psychic perception and open your heart and mind to inner knowing.

Whenever you are restless you can hold a piece of White Moonstone with your right hand to your heart and allow it's soothing energies calm you.

A polished or tumbled piece of White Moonstone can be used for scrying and telepathic communication with someone near and dear. First, relax, then place the White Moonstone in front of you and start gazing at it. As you gaze, focus your mind and intentions on the person you wish to communicate with by means of whispering their name and using your power of visualization. Allow your mind's eye to capture the visions as they enter your mind.

By placing a piece of White Moonstone under the candle light on your dining table during a romantic meal with your sweetheart, you can strengthen the feelings of love between the two of you and consolidate your mutual commitment to each other. This helps to form a lasting bond between your spirits.

If you gift someone dear to you with a piece of White Moonstone, or a piece of jewelry set with a White Moonstone, then you will be forever in their heart.

Wearing a piece of jewelry set with a White Moonstone will enhance your inner beauty and charisma, to add a touch of magic to your general appearance. This will allow you to enjoy the love and attention from the people around you. Remember: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and your White Moonstone will make you look more beautiful than ever.