Botswana Agate

Description for Birthstone: Botswana Agate

Botswana Agates, also known as Eye Agates or Ring Agates, are recognized by their colorful concentric circles with a polka dot in the center that reminds one of an eye. Because of Botswana Agate's resemblance to an eye, it has traditionally been used as a protective amulet against the Evil Eye, black magic and other harmful psychic attacks. In Islamic tradition, it is believed that whoever wears a ring set with a Botswana Agate will be protected from misfortune and will be blessed with longevity.

Mentally, Botswana Agate can serve as a personal talisman for enhancing one's power of focus and manifestation when meditating. This stone boosts one's ability to visualize in one's mind's eye the desired outcome of an action or that which one wants to manifest.

Botswana Agate is the lucky stone for artists. The stone's energies arouse one's artistic creativity and bring it to a new level of innovation and performance. Wearing or carrying a piece of Botswana Agate can dissolve an artist's creativity block and allow all the pent-up inspiration to flow freely.

Scientists, scholars and explorers will find Botswana Agate's vibrations very inspiring on their quest for knowledge and wisdom. The stone's energies expand one's spiritual awareness and mental perspective for discovering new answers to old questions.

Botswana Agate vibrates the energies of fire and smoke. It is therefore an ideal crystalline talisman for people who smoke, firemen, welders, cooks, bakers and anyone who deals with fire on a daily basis.

Botswana Agate's healing energies are most beneficial for releasing toxins from both the body as well as the psyche. If your metabolism is sluggish in eliminating toxins from your body, then ingest three drops of Botswana Agate gemstone elixir with your morning cup of milk or coffee. You can also massage your temples, soles of your feet and palms of your hands with a Botswana Agate wand; this will help to rid your body of all toxins as well as boost your metabolism and immune system.

Moreover, use pieces of Botswana Agate for gridding your home and office in order to cleanse the energetic field of your space. The stone's purification energies are also very helpful in healing the earth. Place pieces of Botswana Agate next to your potted plants or in your garden for promoting the healthy growth of your plants.

Use a piece of Botswana Agate to enhance the healing energies of your herbs. First, place a piece of Botswana Agate together with your herbs in a bowl to dry. Secondly, after the herbs have dried store them together with the piece of Botswana Agate.