Yellow Calcite

Description for Birthstone: Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite, also known as Honey Calcite or Golden Calcite, is a high-vibrational healing stone used to treat phobias, irrational fears and nightmares. It's calming energies act like a tranquilizer to calm people suffering from anxiety and stress.

Meditating with a Yellow Calcite can release childhood traumas that are causing certain phobias. Here is a simple meditation for healing old traumas from this life and past lives:

1. Hold a piece of Yellow Calcite with your right hand against your heart and exhale slowly whilst focusing your intention of releasing all the traumatic memories from your past.

2. Inhale fresh air through your nostrils and focus your intention on recharging your batteries with fresh energies of hope, self-confidence and courage.

3. Repeat this exercise until you feel fully energized.

Yellow Calcite is the lucky stone for counselors, caregivers and educators. Carrying or wearing a piece of Yellow Calcite will make you more emphatic towards people who need you and who are in your care.

The invigorating energies of the Yellow Calcite both stimulate the intellect as well as increase your focus at work. If you suffer from exhaustion and need to stay alert during the long hours at work, carry or wear a Yellow Calcite to help you overcome your drowsiness.

Yellow Calcite is the lucky stone for laborers and people who spend many hours at work. The stone's calming energies assist you in overcoming stress and relax after long hours of hard work.

Like other varieties of Calcite, also the Yellow Calcite is an ideal crystalline ally for students, researchers, writers and scholars. The stone's inspiring energies boost your will power as well as sharpen your mind. This helps you to put Divine inspiration into action and turning a good idea into a physical reality.

Yellow Calcite is also a stone of creativity and innovation. Wearing or carrying a piece of Yellow Calcite can inspire you to learn new things and gain a deeper understanding of what you already have learned in the past. The stone teaches you to widen your perspective and think outside the box; this will help you to embark on an exciting new path of learning and spiritual development.

If Yellow Calcite is your birthstone, then you need to deal with issues concerning the use and abuse of power. Your present life has to do with resolving a bad karma stemming from the misuse of power in your past lives. All your trials and tribulations in this life are Divine lessons destined to teach you how to use your personal power and wisdom for the highest good of all.