Chondrite Meteorite

Description for Birthstone: Chondrite Meteorite

Chondrite Meteorites are the most common type of meteorite since they account for approximately 86% of all meteorites that have been discovered on our planet. This type of meteorite is a stony mass which has never undergone melting.

The Chondrite Meteorite is a high-vibrational psychic tool for interdimensional communication with extraterrestrials. In other words, it is like a psychic cellphone used for contacting a spiritual entity, be it an extraterrestrial or a spirit of someone who has passed over, and engaging in a dialogue with them.

Since Chondrite Meteorites are very receptive to the energies of thought patterns and spoken words, you can program them to serve a specific purpose. Like for example establishing a telepathic communication with someone who isn't physically present, or psychically "visiting" distant places including other planets and galaxies.

Chondrite Meteorites can also be used as a psychic "disc on key" storage device for holding esoteric knowledge channeled from the Akashic Records. Many of the Chondrite Meteorites that have been discovered and are available on the market today contain stored information from pre-historic times. Meditating with a Chondrite Meteorite can unlock the information contained in it. One way to channel the information stored in a Chondrite Meteorite is by means of automatic writing. Another way to do so is by means of dream work.

The process for using automatic writing to channel the information stored in your Chondrite Meteorite is as follows:

1. Take your meditation diary and sit at your desk. Take a pen in one hand and the meteorite in the other hand.

2. Close your eyes and hold the meteorite against your "third eye", which is the midpoint between both eyes and right above the bridge of your nose on your forehead.

3. Listen with your psychic ear to the meteor's message and simultaneously observe the pictures that arise in your mind's eye.

4. Start recording the words and images as they start coming through to you. Write everything down without attempting to edit the text.

Here is how you can use dream work to unlock the information contained in your Chondrite Meteorite:

1. Before going to bed, take the meteor into your left hand and hold it against your "third eye".

2. Close your eyes and utter a prayer for Divine assistance in "reading" the information stored in your meteor. Focus your intention of drawing Divine light into your third eye to help you "see" better in that night's dreams.

3. Place the meteor under your pillow and go to sleep.

4. The next morning write down in your diary every detail you can remember from that night's dreams.