Description for Birthstone: Phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite is an iron phosphate mineral that was officially discovered in 1858 by Alfred Lewis Oliver Legrand Des Cloizeaux, a French professor of mineralogy at the University of Paris. This newly discovered mineral was given the name of Phosphosiderite in 1890 by two German mineralogists, Willy Bruhns and Karl Heinrich Emil Georg Busz. Today, Phosphosiderite is mined in the USA, Argentine, Chile, Germany, Portugal, and other European countries. Phosphosiderite is a pale lavender colored stone with yellow veins and patches. These yellow inclusions are the mineral Cacoxenite.

Phosphosiderite is the lucky stone for healers, shamans, light workers and musicians. Its energies stimulate clairaudience and generally help to raise one's vibrations as well as expand one's consciousness. Sleeping or meditating with this stone will enhance telepathic communication with the spirits of one's ancestors who have passed over. In most cases one will "hear" their messages in one's mind's ear.

Phosphosiderite has also been called the "Stone of Healing and Hope. Its gentle and soothing energies can heal a broken heart. This makes Phosphosiderite a perfect crystalline ally for someone dealing with a bereavement or recovering from a severe emotional trauma.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Phosphosiderite will stimulate the self healing mechanisms of the body as well as balance your emotions and intuitions with your common sense. The stone's vibrations will let you connect to the upper spiritual spheres whilst keeping you firmly rooted on the ground. This enables you to use your spiritual inspiration for manifesting health, abundance and good fortune.

Phosphosiderite's healing energies help to improve the functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Furthermore, Phosphosiderite can be used to treat psychosomatic conditions as well as alleviate the symptoms of viral infections such as the flu, colds and other respiratory problems. Moreover, the regenerative energies of this stone help to prevent health issues that are related to aging.

Like all purple stones, Phosphosiderite is a perfect stone for doing past life work. The stone's vibrations help you to retrieve memories from your previous lives as well as access the Akashic records to tap into the timeless wisdom of the universe. By going back to those experiences, which caused the issues that need to be resolved in your present karma, you can gain a deeper understanding or your purpose in this lifetime. This understanding is the key to accomplishing your present life's mission.

Light workers can use Phosphosiderite for gridding spaces and eliminating all forms of negativity from a home, office, store or workshop. This is very helpful in creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere in one's environment.