Green Phantom Quartz

Description for Birthstone: Green Phantom Quartz

Green Phantom Quartz

Green Phantom Quartz (Quartz with Chlorite inclusions) is the lucky stone for farmers, gardeners, botanists, florists, herbalists and anyone whose livelihood is associated with the plant kingdom. If your birthstone is the Green Phantom Quartz, then you have been born with a natural talent for telepathically communicating with plants. Your natural telepathy with plants allows you to appreciate more deeply their unique healing properties and intuitively sense what herbal combinations are the most effective for curing various conditions. Of course, this does not mean that you don't need to learn the traditional art of healing with herbs from an experienced herbalist. However, your inborn ability to communicate telepathically with plants will make it much easier and faster for you to acquire an expertise in this area.

The Green Phantom Quartz vibrates the healing energies of the earth and its vegetation. Therefore, you can use a piece of Green Phantom Quartz in two ways for increasing the healing powers of your herbs. When growing your herbs water them with Green Phantom Quartz crystal essence. After you have picked your herbs, place them together with a piece of Green Phantom Quartz in a bowl to dry.

Here are the steps for preparing a Green Phantom Quartz crystal essence:

1. Fill a glass bottle or jug with water. The best is rainwater or regular bottled mineral water from a spring; if you are unable to get either of these then you can also use tap water.

2. Place a piece of Green Phantom Quartz into the bottle or jug which has been filled with water.

3. Light a candle and utter a prayer that Divine Love should infuse the water.

4. Place the bottle or jug filled with water and with the crystal inside it next to the candle so that the candle light shines on it.

5. After the candle has burned down the crystal essence is ready for use.

Furthermore, the Green Phantom Quartz's healing energies make it a perfect crystal to use for gridding. By placing four pieces of Green Phantom Quartzes in the four corners of your bedroom, you can increase the healing potential of your sleep so that you wake up the next morning with fresh energies.

You can also use a pendulum with a Green Phantom Quartz point for dowsing as well as for telepathic communication with your spirit guides. And if you are a healer, you can use a Green Phantom Quartz point as a massage tool for activating the body's self healing energies.