Orange Calcite

Description for Birthstone: Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is the lucky stone for soldiers, physical laborers and sportsmen. The stone's energies boost one's libido, stamina and physical strength. People who tend to be lethargic, exhausted or unimaginative can wear or carry a piece of Orange Calcite to raise their energy levels as well as enhance their creativity.

Often people are stuck in their own fears, which prevent them from seizing the opportunities for developing and expanding. The energies of the Orange Calcite can instill one with courage and determination to break out of this vicious circle of fear and venture towards new successes. Remember: Missing an opportunity is worse than trying and failing.

Lovers can give each other a piece of Orange Calcite to add zest to their relationship. Likewise, Orange Calcite makes a wonderful massage tool for increasing sexuality and fertility. Couples who want to increase the chances for conception can each wear a piece of Orange Calcite as a crystalline fertility amulet. Orange Calcite gemstone elixir is both a love potion for adding passion to a relationship as well as a fertility potion to raise the odds for getting pregnant.

Mentally, Orange Calcite opens one's eyes to discover new answers to old questions. Whenever you face a dilemma, meditate or sleep with an Orange Calcite to aid you in finding creative solutions to your issues. Remember, whenever the familiar path ahead is blocked, there is always an alternative route to reach your destination – all you need to do, is to open your eyes and widen your horizons in order to discover this route.

Orange Calcite's healing energies can help victims of abuse to release their traumas and heal. Carrying or wearing a piece of Orange Calcite can support the emotional healing process of individuals who have suffered various types of physical violence, especially rape and other forms of sexual assaults.

In addition, people who have been emotionally crippled because of severe psychological abuse will benefit from the healing energies of the Orange Calcite. Working with the energies of this stone will help such people rebuild their confidence in their own potential and allow them to reclaim their personal power.

People suffering from depression and a lack of joie de vivre will enjoy the stone's warm and loving vibrations like the morning's first sunrays after a dark night. By simply holding a piece of Orange Calcite, you can feel your spirits rising whilst the stone's invigorating energies infuse your whole being.