Brown Jasper

Description for Birthstone: Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper is a powerful cleansing stone used to aid physical recovery from poisoning, viral and bacterial infections, as well as psychic attacks (also known as the "Evil Eye"), which have caused physical ailments and diseases. If your health has suffered any type of trauma then you can use a tumbled or raw piece of Brown Jasper for preparing a healing potion, also known as a gemstone essence.

Here are the steps for preparing a Brown Jasper gemstone essence:

1. Take your piece of Brown Jasper, tumbled or raw, and rinse it under running water. As you rinse it, focus your intentions on washing away from your stone all the negative energies and thought patterns.

2. Take a cup, flask or bottle made of glass or lead crystal, and fill it with water.

3. Place your piece of Brown Jasper into the water whilst focusing your intentions on letting the stone release its healing energies into the water.

4. Light a candle next to the eastern wall of your kitchen or dining room.

5. Place the cup/flask/bottle with the Brown Jasper inside it next to the candle so that its light shines on the water and crystal.

6. The gemstone essence will be ready for use after the candle has burned down.

If you have someone, whom you care for who tends to be oblivious to his/her physical health needs, then you can give them a piece of Brown Jasper together with a bottle of Brown Jasper gemstone essence. Whilst preparing the gemstone essence, focus your intentions on drawing Divine love and healing into the gemstone and water. The stone will serve as a personal talisman for raising his/her awareness to the importance of maintaining one's physical health. The gemstone essence, on the other hand, will serve as a healing potion for improving their general health and immunity.

Meditating or sleeping with a Brown Jasper, will aid you in discovering the karmic roots of your physical and mental health issues. When meditating, hold a piece of Brown Jasper in your left hand with your eyes closed and focus your intention on finding out the causes for your health problems. Whilst doing so, allow your mind's eye to catch glimpses of scenes from your past lives. Alternatively, you can place a piece of Brown Jasper under your pillow before going to sleep – this will help you to "see" scenes from your past lives in your dreams.

Furthermore, you can use Brown Jasper for drawing healing energies into your environment. This is a very simple process – all you need to do is place pieces of Brown Jasper in the four corners of your home and on your desk to create a protective grid against geopathic and environmental stress. Such a grid not only heals and protects you personally, but also contributes to healing the earth and restoring it's full life force.