Description for Birthstone: Papagoite

Papagoite is a vibrant bright blue mineral of mesmerizing beauty. It is a rarer variety of copper ore. This mineral was officially discovered in 1960 in Ajo, Arizona, USA, and was named after the aboriginal inhabitants of the area who are known as the Sand Papago peoples. Today, Papagoite is also mined in South Africa, Namibia and Slovakia. The variety mined in Ajo occurs with Aurichalcite, Shattuckite, Ajoite and Baryte. However, the variety mined in South Africa comes as an inclusion in Quartz together with traces of native copper and Ajoite.

Like all blue stones, Papagoite is a stone of verbal and written communication. Being a powerful spiritual stone, Papagoite promotes telepathic and psychic communication, especially clairvoyance and clairaudience. Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Papagoite can enable you to "read" the information stored in the Akashic Records; in most cases the information will be presented to you in your dreams or visions in the form of written texts. In other cases, meditating with a piece of Papagoite will facilitate the channeling of Divine messages by means of automatic writing.

Crystal healers have called the Papagoite a "Stone of the inner Garden of Eden". Holding a piece of Papagoite with your right hand against the crown of your head will induce you into a state of Divine bliss. Moreover, if you hold a piece of Papagoite against your third eye, you will begin to receive psychic visions.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Papagoite will greatly enhance your personal charm and allow for your inner beauty to shine on your face. As a result, people will feel drawn to you and look up to you as a role model.

Papagoite's powerful cleansing and healing energies make it a valuable metaphysical tool for healing body and spirit. Physically Papagoite can be used as a massage tool for relieving pain. Nevertheless, caution must be taken not to ingest this mineral in its raw form since it is toxic. However, Papogoite included Quartz can be used to prepare a gemstone elixir for calming frayed nerves and entering a state of deep inner peace and happiness. This is particular beneficial for any form of introspection and soul searching to facilitate karmic healing.

Mentally, Papagoite promotes open-mindedness, inventiveness and the ability to see beyond what meets the eye. Papagoite teaches us to review our lives like a detective; not to base our assumptions on preconceptions and prejudices but to look at life with open eyes and see things as they really are.