Rose Quartz

Description for Birthstone: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, also known as Pink Quartz or Hyaline Quartz, is a pink variety of quartz that is one of the most popular and widely used love stones available today. The color of this stone ranges from pale pink to deep reddish pink. Rose Quartz gets its pink coloring from trace inclusions of iron, titanium, or manganese.

Rose Quartz is the lucky stone for lovers, poets, artists, caregivers and counselors. It vibrates the purest energies of love in all its forms: self-love, friendships, romantic love, parental love and selfless unconditional love for all life on earth.

Rose Quartz was already highly prized in antiquity. For example, the ancient Egyptians used Rose Quartz as a medicinal amulet against ageing and for rejuvenating the skin as well as improving the complexion. The ancient Romans made seals from Rose Quartz as a symbol of ownership.

Rose Quartz, uncut or set in a piece of jewelry, is the perfect gift for a loved one to be given on any occasion. The intensely loving energies of this crystal will enhance and vitalize any relationship between lovers, friends, relatives and the like.

Crystal healers unanimously agree that the Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for emotional balancing and healing. This stone is considered one of the most important stones for protection. It is therefore a basic stone to be used in meditation and crystal layouts, to be worn as a personal talisman, and to be slept with.

Earth healers and light workers almost always use Rose Quartz for gridding the environment. Place large pieces of Rose Quartz in every room of your house and you will see that peace and harmony will prevail in your home and family.

For a peaceful and healing night's sleep, place four larger chunks of Rose Quartz in the four corners of your bedroom and a smaller piece under your pillow. The gentle loving energies of the Rose Quartz is especially useful for preventing nightmares. For health and abundance place sizable chunks of Rose Quartz in every corner of your kitchen. At work, place a piece of Rose Quartz on your desk for ensuring good working relations and peaceful cooperation with your co-workers. Storeowners can place pieces of Rose Quartz on their counter and inside their till for promoting sales and customer satisfaction.

The calming energies make Rose Quartz the perfect crystal to be worn by hyperactive children. It is also a helpful crystal for calming a child who is afraid of the dark. Place a piece of Rose Quartz under the child's bed or cot and he/she will fall asleep peacefully.