Description for Birthstone: Wavellite

Wavellite is a phosphate mineral that usually occurs as translucent green grape-like spherical clusters. The mineral was officially found in 1805 inside the High Down Quarry, at Filleigh, in the county of Devon, England. The stone was named for William Wavell who discovered this mineral. Today Wavellite is mined in a wide range of locations across the globe, especially in the Mount Ida, Arkansas area in the Ouachita Mountains.

Mentally Wavellite aids one in seeing the whole picture in its entirety. This makes Wavellite a perfect crystalline ally for decision making. Hence Wavellite is the lucky crystal for administrators, leaders, researchers, inventors and pioneers. This stone is especially useful for people who tend to over-focus on irrelevant details or get caught up in the nitty gritty of an issue, to regain the right perspective.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Wavellite will induce lucid dreams and psychic visions. Moreover, the vibrations of this stone aid one in understanding the message contained in those visions and dreams. This stone is also helpful in recalling the relevant details of one's dreams or visions after waking up.

Wavellite, like all green stones, has powerful healing energies that help to regulate the blood circulation as well as balance the red blood cell count with the white blood cell count. Also people who tend to suffer from low energy levels and obesity, can benefit from this stone. Wearing or carrying a piece of Wavellite will boost one's metabolism, raise one's energy levels and stimulate the body's self-healing powers. Wavellite is especially helpful in treating psychosomatic conditions, especially dermatitis.

Psychologically, Wavellite will help despondent, lethargic and depressive individuals regain their joie de vivre, optimism and stamina. In short: Wavellite promotes a healthy mind in a healthy body, integrating physical with mental health.

Crystal healers can prepare a Wavellite gemstone elixir for eliminating toxins from the blood. They can also use a piece of Wavellite as a massage tool for boosting the blood circulation or in crystal layouts for regulating the flow of electricity between the cells. In addition, Reiki masters can use this stone for transmitting healing energies to a patient.

Working with a piece of Wavellite on the night of a new moon will increase your psychic abilities and help you to evolve spiritually to a higher level of consciousness. Furthermore, the night of a new moon is an especially auspicious time for cleansing your sacred space with Wavellite crystal grids.