Description for Birthstone: Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a Cyan colored minor copper ore. The name is derived from the ancient Greek word "Chrysos Kolla" meaning 'Gold Glue' (in other words, the material used to solder gold). The name "Chrysos Kolla" was first used by Theophrastus, in 315 BCE. Theophrastus was a Hellenist scholar known as the "Father of Botany".

Chrysocolla is often confused with Turquoise, which is also a copper ore. However, Chrysocolla and Turquoise are two different rocks with different energies. The gem quality version of Chrysocolla is known as Gem Silica or Gem Chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla is a stone of intuition and spiritual wisdom. Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Chrysocolla will help to induce deep emotional healing. Especially people who tend to suffer from nightmares or insomnia, can sleep with a piece of Chrysocolla to cleanse their subconscious mind from all forms of trauma and karmic wounds.

Chrysocolla is a stone of clairvoyance and lucid dreaming. If you hold a piece of Chrysocolla with your right hand against your third eye whilst meditating, you will see a stream of clear pictures in your mind's eye.

Chrysocolla is the lucky stone for feminists and women's rights activists. The stone's energies help to empower women. Furthermore, Chrysocolla is a perfect tool to use for soft strength therapy.

Like all blue and cyan stones, Chrysocolla is a stone for verbal and telepathic communication. Its energies enhance one's eloquence as well as the ability to read between the lines. Chrysocolla also promotes meaningful learning and helps to develop emotional intelligence, memory recall and the ability to draw conclusions from an experience.

Carrying or wearing a piece of Chrysocolla can facilitate the channeling of Divine Wisdom by means of automatic writing. By meditating with a piece of Chrysocolla, spiritually evolved light workers and shamans will be able to translate the sounds of the blowing wind into human language.

Chrysocolla, like all cyan and green stones has powerful healing energies that help to cleanse the blood and balance the flow of electricity between the cells to eliminate pain and boost the metabolism. Crystal healers can use this stone as a massage tool or in layouts for transmitting healing energies.

Chrysocolla is a stone of purification. For this reason, it is often used in crystal layouts for protection against psychic attacks. In addition, earth healers can use pieces of Chrysocolla for gridding. Reiki masters can use Chrysocolla for cleansing the aura and aligning the meridians. Moreover, the vibrations of this stone will increase the ionization of the air.