Black Opal

Description for Birthstone: Black Opal

The Black Opal is a rarer variety of the precious Opal. Today the most important place for mining precious Black Opals is Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia.

The Black Opal is a stone of mystery and magic. This variety of Opal is one of the most powerful stones for manifestation, since it amplifies the wearer's intention. For this reason, much care must be taken when working with the energies of the Black Opal, lest any negative intentions, including subconscious ill-wishing, materialize and cause irreversible damage. Hence, only spiritually evolved people should wear or carry this high-vibrational stone. It is the Black Opal's unique power of manifestation that has earned it the reputation of both an extremely lucky as well as an unlucky stone, depending on it's wearer's intentions. Remember: Depending on your intentions … when wearing a Black Opal you have the power to illuminate the darkest moments or to eclipse the brightest sunlight.

When working with the energies of the Black Opal, the combination of intention with intense feelings can make a wish come true. Therefore, Black Opals are invaluable crystal allies for healers, teachers and therapists. By combining deep compassion with focused intention, healers can invoke miraculous healing. Likewise, teachers and therapists can provide help for so-called "lost cases", producing unbelievable results. As the saying goes: "All you need is love … love cures all ills".

Shamans, psychics and light workers can use the Black Opal for astral travel and past life work. The vibrations of the Black Opal help to discover the primary reasons that are at the root of a psychological or physical health issue. Meditating with a Black Opal helps to break out of the vicious circle of recurring negative karmic patterns by spiritually ascending to a higher level of consciousness.

Wearing or carrying a Black Opal will enhance your personal charm and charisma. The vibrations of the Black Opal will increase your sex appeal and make you look more beautiful in people's eyes. As the saying goes: "Black is Beautiful"; indeed the Black Opal is a stone of Divine grace and beauty.

Black Opal is the lucky stone for astrologers and fortunetellers. Gazing at a Black Opal reminds one of the starlit midnight sky. The stone's vibrations help astrologers to tune into the rhythms of the universe and decipher the messages of the stars. Fortunetellers can use the Black Opal for scrying and catching a glimpse of the future. Wearing a Black Opal in one's sleep will bring clear night visions and help one to remember dreams more precisely.