Description for Birthstone: Prasiolite

Prasiolite, also known as Vermarine and Green Amethyst, is a variety of Quartz. Although the stone has been commonly called "Green Amethyst", marketing Prasiolite under this name is against U.S. Federal Trade Commission Guidelines. The name Prasiolite is derived from the Greek word "prason" meaning 'leek', a vegetable with a similar hue of green like the stone. Prasiolite is a predominantly green stone occasionally with patches of purple inclusions. This is because, Prasiolite was originally a purple Amethyst whose color changed to pale green as a result of volcanic thermal activity. The vast majority of natural Prasiolite on the market since 1950, are mined in Brazil. However, a number of specimens also come from Lower Silesia in Poland, as well as from the Thunder Bay area of Canada. Since Prasiolite is a rare and somewhat costly stone in comparison to the more common Amethyst, most Green Quartzes on the market are in essence heat-treated Amethysts. Natural untreated Prasiolite is a very pale and translucent green stone. Quartzes with a darker green color have been heat treated or artificially ionized.

Prasiolite is the lucky stone for healers and therapists. Like all green stones, Prasiolite possesses powerful healing energies. Earth healers can hold a piece of Prasiolite in each hand whilst focusing their intentions on conducting high-frequency healing energies through their heart down to the ground. During such a meditation, the healer turns into a kind of "lightning rod" or "electrical cable" for transmitting Divine light into the earth. In addition, herbalists can store their medicinal herbs with a piece of Prasiolite, in order to enhance their healing energies. Furthermore, Prasiolite gemstone elixir can be ingested to boost the metabolism, support the assimilation of nutrients and raise the energy levels. This is especially helpful for treating eating disorders as well as counteracting obesity.

Prasiolite's soothing energies help to heal a broken heart and raise the spirits of those who have lost hope. The stone's vibrations will automatically wash away all forms of negativity from the aura of the person who carries or wears this stone. If someone you care about has gone through a severe emotional trauma, such as a bereavement or an unhappy love affair, give them a piece of Prasiolite, raw or set in a piece of jewelry, as a personal healing amulet.

Prasiolite also helps to bring peace to an over active mind. Wearing or carrying a Prasiolite can calm hyperactive people and help them focus their mind on the immediate issue at hand.