Blue Aventurine

Description for Birthstone: Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine is the lucky stone for idealists and spiritual leaders. The energies of this stone arouse one's motivation to become a better person with higher morals and integrity. Meditating with a Blue Aventurine or carrying a piece of this stone on you will raise your awareness to the values of spirituality and idealism. It will open your eyes to appreciate the true beauty of a person with a good character and who knows how to give rather than take. As the saying goes: True beauty come from within. Good and saintly people, no matter what age, race, social status etc., will always have this special aura around them, which makes them appealing and attractive to others. Therefore, if you want to increase your popularity with others strive to become a better person.

People, who find it difficult to make decisions and carry them through to the end, will find Blue Aventurine very helpful. If someone you care about lacks the inner resolve to live up to their ideals, then give them a piece of Blue Aventurine, loose or set in a piece of jewelry, as a personal talisman for becoming a person with scruples and self-discipline. For example, Blue Aventurine can help people who know they need to break bad habits like over-eating, alcohol abuse, gambling, and the like, but have lacked the necessary self-control to resist temptation.

Blue Aventurine also assists one in taking responsibility. Therefore, people who have the "Peter Pan" syndrome of wanting eternal youth, can carry a piece of Blue Aventurine in their medicine pouch as a talisman for happily accepting the duties of adulthood.

The influence of Blue Aventurine is sublime. Unlike some healing crystals, Blue Aventurine does not give one the feeling of "Wow", but it gradually widens one's perspective on the world and deepens one's understanding of life. You can work with Blue Aventurine in different ways:

1. Place a piece of Blue Aventurine under your pillow before going to sleep. This will also allow you to access the information inside the Akashic Records and find answers for your dilemmas in everyday life.

2. Wear a piece of Blue Aventurine on a cord around your neck or set in a piece of jewelry. This will help you to notice things in everyday life, which one tends to overlook. Furthermore, this will attract Divine synchronicities into your life and help you use them for the highest good of all.

3. Prepare a Blue Aventurine gemstone elixir and add three drops to your morning coffee or milk. This will make you more emphatic to others and less wrapped up in yourself.