Description for Birthstone: Magnesite


Magnesite is a white stone, whose shape resembles the lobes of the brain. Therefore, not surprisingly, Magnesite is the lucky stone for intellectuals, scholars and researchers. It enhances intellectual abilities as well as helps to focus one's attention on the finer details of a situation, a research question or a scholarly text.

Place a piece of Magnesite on your desk whenever you need to study for an exam or prepare a research paper. Its energies will enhance your concentration as well as increase the capacity of your memory. It also helps to ward off distractions.

If you hold a piece of Magnesite in your left hand during meditation and allow your thoughts to flow without inhibition, then you will be able to catch glimpses of psychic visions in your mind's eye. This will help you to bring into fruition revolutionary ideas that have been ignored by your rational mind.

Wearing a piece of jewelry set with a magnesite will protect you from self-deceit and allow you to look the truth in the eye without fear. By accepting the truth as it is without attempting to escape into self-denial, you can find the right answers to a situation and thereby effectively change it for the better. Self-denial is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that prevent you from healing and moving on. If you want to help someone who is trapped in self-denial and beyond the capacity to hear or understand what you have to say, then give them a piece of Magnesite or a piece of Jewelry set with a Magnesite as an amulet. Make sure you hand it to them with your right hand, even if you are left handed. Before offering them the Magnesite (tumbled or set in a piece of jewelry), hold it in your right hand and pray for their release from self-deceit. As you recite your prayer, focus your mind on drawing Divine light into the crystal to help the person who will receive it, see and accept the unadulterated truth as it is.

Magnesite is a wonderful crystalline ally for bridging the conscious and subconscious mind, as well as connecting the logical right-brain with the intuitive left-brain. By joining forces between your rational and psychic powers, you are able to induce clairvoyance during meditation.

If you place a piece of Magnesite under your pillow before going to sleep, you will enjoy clear night visions containing important information from the Akashic Records. This will allow you to wake up calmer, wiser and stronger for a new day in your life.