Green Tourmaline

Description for Birthstone: Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite or Brazilian Emerald, is a metaphysical magnet for drawing abundance and good fortune into your life. Put a piece of Green Tourmaline into your money bag and it will never be empty. Place a piece of Green Tourmaline on the counter of your shop and it will always be full of customers.

Like all green gemstones, Green Tourmaline is also a powerful healing stone. It is especially useful for improving eyesight as well as boosting the metabolism and immune system. Moreover, Green Tourmaline gemstone elixir is very helpful in dissolving blood clots as well as regulating one's blood pressure.

Green Tourmaline is a stone of vision. Wearing or carrying a piece of Green Tourmaline helps to enhance artistic creativity, intuition, clairvoyance, and telepathy. The vibrations of this stone aligns the heart (feelings and intuition) with the third eye (psychic vision).

Green Tourmaline is a stone of manifestation. Its energies boost one's willpower and mental concentration in order to focus one's intentions on the desired outcomes of a plan, idea or aspiration.

Green Tourmaline is the lucky stone for environmentalists and earth healers. This stone unites the Divine Spark with the earth's energy grid vortexes. Geomancers can use a piece of Green Tourmaline on a pendulum to dowse for underground water and other hidden treasures buried beneath the ground. Crystal healers can grid flowerbeds, hothouses and orchards to boost the growing of the crop and the ripening of the fruit.

Green Tourmaline is also the lucky stone for herbalists. This stone is a very helpful crystalline ally for studying, teaching and practicing herbalism. Furthermore, you can add a piece of Green Tourmaline to a jar of dried medicinal herbs in order to increase their healing power. In addition, you can prepare a Green Tourmaline gemstone elixir to be added to a herbal tea for best results.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Green Tourmaline can enhance your telepathy with plants in order to gain a deeper understanding of the secrets of herbalism. This is especially useful when trying to learn about the medicinal application of a new plant species.

Green Tourmaline can also serve as a personal talisman for protection against psychic attacks, black magic and the Evil Eye. The stone's energies form a protective shield around its wearer and bearer, which not only wards off harmful energies but also transmutes all forms of negativity into positive energies.