Description for Birthstone: Phenakite

Phenakite or Phenacite is a rare translucent beryllium silicate mineral. Its crystals are either colorless, greyish, yellowish or pale rose-red. The stone was given its name in 1833 by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiรถld, a Finnish-Russian mineralogist. Phenakite is derived from the Greek word "phenakos" meaning 'deceiver'. Indeed, colorless Phenakite is often confused with Clear Quartz, which looks exactly like it. In addition, colorless faceted Phenakite gemstones are easily mistaken for diamonds. Today the formally approved spelling of the name is Phenakite, although it was initially spelled Phenacite. Phenakite was officially discovered in the emerald and chrysoberyl mine by the Takovaya stream, not far from Yekaterinburg in the Russian Urals region. Nowadays Phenakite is also mined in the Ilmen Mountains in the southern Urals of Russia and other locations outside Russia including: the Pikes Peak region of Colorado (USA), Greenwood in Maine (USA), the Northern Cape of South Africa, Framont near Schirmeck in Alsace, France and a feldspar quarry at Kragero in Norway.

Like all gemstones found in the tundra region, also Phenakite is a high-vibrational Shamanic crystal. It is therefore the lucky stone for light workers, psychics and spiritual leaders.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Phenakite can arouse one's visionary abilities allowing one to catch a glimpse of the future. The stone's energies also promote the self-healing powers of the physical body down to the cellular level.

Phenakite is a very helpful crystalline ally for past life therapy. The energies of this crystal can arouse those memories from previous lives, which hold the information concerning the reasons for a specific health issue in this lifetime. This is an important part of healing old karmic wounds and embarking on a new life path of health and hope.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Phenakite can balance one's spiritual and intuitive energies with one's rational and logical intellectual powers. This is the optimal state for scholars and scientists to reach ground breaking results in their research.

Phenakite is a stone for uncovering secrets and unmasking frauds. This stone will show the real face of those around you, allowing you to see who is your true friend and who is an enemy in the guise of a friend.

Phenakite is also a stone for finding hidden or lost objects. Geomancers can use a piece of Phenakite on a pendulum for dowsing unseen treasures or groundwater below the surface of the earth. Similarly, mediums can use a pendulum with a piece Phenakite for dowsing lost items.