Description for Birthstone: Euclase

Euclase is a high vibrational stone that inspires artistic creativity, promotes telepathic communication and raises intuition. The stone's vibrations also enhance clairvoyance and promote lucid dreaming.

Euclase is the lucky stone for musicians, singers and composers. This crystal not only helps musicians to tune into the rhythms of the universe, but also increases the power of clairaudience. Hence, spiritually evolved musicians can "hear" the music of the planets and heavenly spheres during meditation. Furthermore, musicians, singers and songwriters can wear a Silver pendant set with a piece of Euclase on a chocker as a personal talisman. The energies of such a talisman help to enhance one's musical inspiration when composing, improve the quality of one's voice when singing and boost one's appeal with the audience whilst performing on stage.

Insecure and self-conscious individuals who tend to be intimidated by other people's nasty remarks should carry or wear a piece of Euclase. Euclase promotes self-confidence and a sense of pride about one's identity.

Euclase amplifies one's power of perception even to the point of "seeing" and "hearing" spiritual entities from other dimensions. The crystal also improves one's mental powers, creating inner clarity and focus when organizing new information in one's mind. This helps one to both understand and decipher the information received during meditation as well as word the channeled messages in a manner that is intelligible to anybody who may want to hear or read it.

Euclase is a stone of truth and honesty. Its vibrations not only enhance ones intuitions but also opens ones third eye to clearly "see" the naked truth. Moreover, the stone prevents self-deception and forces a person to face a situation as it is. Furthermore, Euclase teaches one that the wisest thing to do is to own up and tell the truth rather than escaping into deceit and lies.

Euclase's vibrations invite so-called "lucky coincidences"; these fortunately timed events are in reality Divine synchronicities. The protective energies of this stone help to cleanse one's aura, eliminating all forms of negativity that eclipse the Divine light and obstruct it. Once the aura is clear, the door is open for Divine synchronicities to enter one's life.

Euclase is a powerful amulet for spiritual people. Spiritual people tend to be out of focus when it comes to functioning in the day to day realities of this world. Most people will see them as eccentrics or even a bit crazy. The grounding energies of this stone help to keep a spiritual person fully conscious of social norms and what needs to be done for leading a healthy physical life together with a spiritual life.