Libyan Desert Glass

Description for Birthstone: Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite or Great Sand Sea glass, is a high vibrational golden yellow glassy tektite found in the eastern Sahara desert, in eastern Libya and western Egypt. The Libyan Desert Glass was prized in ancient Egypt for making various jewelry and carvings including scarabs. One famous example is the funerary pectoral of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which has as its centerpiece a carved scarab made from a slice of Libyan Desert Glass.

Libyan Desert Glass is the mineral that vibrates the energies of fixed star Sirius, also known as the "Dog Star". The herb associated with Sirius is Juniper and the star's totem animal is the dog. The ancient Egyptians worshiped Sirius as a sacred star; its heliacal rising marked the summit of the summer season, which was also the beginning of the ancient Egyptian calendar and the time of the year when the Nile flooded.

Libyan Desert Glass is the lucky stone for intellectuals, philosophers, and writers. It's energies stimulate the brain and enhance one's mental abilities, including the ability to recognize patterns, making sense out of things, drawing conclusions, and wording a theory. It also improves one's visual and audial memories.

Spiritually, Libyan Desert Glass's energies increase one's potential for clairvoyance and clairaudience. If you place a piece of this high vibrational meteor under your pillow before falling asleep, you will encounter lucid and prophetic night visions, which will help you to make the right decisions in life.

Libyan Desert Glass is indeed a royal gem, worthy to be worn by rulers and kings. It's energies enhance one's stamina and willpower, give one an air of authority and boost one's creativity and power to manifest. This high vibrational tektite emanates potent spiritual energies that give it an aura of magic and mystery.

Psychics, healers and light workers will find Libyan Desert Glass a very useful metaphysical tool for accessing the Akashic records as well as doing dream work and past life therapy. Meditating with a piece of Libyan Desert Glass can open a portal for accessing your innermost memories from your past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt.

Shy people who lack the self-confidence to speak up in public can carry or wear a piece of Libyan Desert Glass to boost their self-confidence as well as enhance their personal charisma and charm. They will be encouraged to speak their mind by the fact that the tektite's energies will make people seek their advice and moral support.