Description for Birthstone: Zoisite


Zoisite is the lucky stone for idealists and social activists who want to play a part in making our lives on planet earth better, healthier and happier. The stone's rich green color reflects it's power to bestow hope and joy on its owner, be it in raw form or set in a peace of jewelry.

Meditating with a piece of Zoisite can make you more aware of yourself, which helps you to understand how others see you. This is an important part of your spiritual development, because people who are trapped in a self-delusionary image of themselves will never be able to change for the better. Only when you break out of your misconceptions and false impressions about yourself will you be able to perceive yourself from the outside. Once you get a true perspective of who you really are, will you be motivated to make the necessary changes within yourself to become a better and more productive individual in society.

If Zoisite is your birthstone then you are a person with very high morals who wants to teach others to live by your values and ideals. You yourself are true to the standards you set others and people who know you will describe you as someone who "walks their talk".

Furthermore, Zoisite is a wonderful crystal ally to aid you in being yourself without having society dictate to you what path to walk. Before you take a new turn in your life path, you must maintain your freedom to be who you really are, even if it means being different from others.

Zoisite's healing energies help to bridge the brain's logic with the heart's intuition and integrate them. This aids one in perceiving life from different perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding of one's purpose in the world.

If someone you care about needs to change but is trapped in misconceptions, then you can give them a piece of Zoisite (raw or set in a piece of jewelry) as a personal amulet for enlightenment and spiritual growth. Before you hand them their personal piece of Zoisite you should energize the crystal. The process of energizing the Zoisite can be done as follows:

1. Take the Zoisite into your right hand and utter a prayer for the person whom you want to help.

2. As you speak their name focus your intention on drawing Divine Light and Love into the crystal.

3. Light a candle and place the piece of Zoisite next to the candle so that its light reflects onto the crystal.

4. Give the Zoisite to the person who needs it after the candle has burned down.