Description for Birthstone: Pyrite


Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold" is an iron sulfide (FeS2). The stone's name is derived from the Greek word πυρίτης (pyritēs) meaning "of/in fire". In antiquity, this metallic stone was used to produce sparks for lighting a fire. Pyrite is difficult to distinguish from the mineral Marcasite, because both minerals look very much the same. However, Marcasite is another mineral with different vibrations. Both Pyrite as well as Marcasite are toxic and may not be ingested or placed on an open wound. However, tumbled pieces of Pyrite may be used as massage tools for pain relief, for treating respiratory disorders, for detoxifying the blood and for regulating the metabolism.

Pyrite, especially the variety known as "Pyrite Sun", vibrates the energies of the Sun. It is a powerful emotional healer used as a therapeutic amulet for treating depression. Wearing or carrying a piece of Pyrite will kindle the Divine fire of universal love and light inside you. By merely gazing at the shining surface of the Pyrite, you can feel a rush of joy and delight.

Pyrite's invigorating solar energies make it a perfect substitute for caffeine. Here is a simple exercise for boosting your energies when you feel deflated or stressed out:

1. Stand upright with a piece of Pyrite in your right hand.

2. With your eyes closed, massage the area on your chest near your heart, in a circular motion until you feel energized enough to continue with your daily chores.

The ancient Mexicans used Pyrite to make mirrors. Metaphysically, using Pyrite for scrying will tune you into your subconscious mind and help you find all the answers to your dilemmas from within yourself. Just like a mirror reflects your image, the energies of the Pyrite will help you see all the aspects of yourself that are buried deep down in your subconscious mind. Knowing your true self is the first step towards evolving into a spiritually more enlightened person.

Pyrite enhances your psychic and telepathic powers. You can hold a Pyrite crystal for transmitting and receiving thoughts with someone in a different place. You can also sleep with a piece of Pyrite under your pillow to communicate in your dreams with the spirit of someone near and dear who has passed over.

Pyrite is the lucky stone for soldiers, firefighters, policemen and anyone who is exposed to danger on a daily basis. The stone's powerful protective energies automatically remove all forms of negativity. In addition, Pyrite gives mental clarity, focus and helps one to stay alert.