White Heulandite

Description for Birthstone: White Heulandite

White Heulandite is a very high vibrational stone with a frequency that mainly affects the brain's more subtle systems. Hence meditating with White Heulandite can assist in synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain enhances a person's psychic and telepathic powers and also helps them become more receptive to subtle changes in the energy fields of their environment.

The energies of the White Heulandite awaken one's latent potential for clairvoyance and lucid night visions. Here are the steps how you can use this crystalline ally to activate your psychic powers:

1. Before you go to sleep, lie on your back in bed and with your head on your pillow.

2. Place a piece of White Heulandite on your "third eye", which is the point on your forehead between your right and left eye, just above the bridge of your nose.

3. With your eyes closed, focus your intention on the issue for which you need to find answers.

4. Allow your mind's eye capture the pictures channeled by this crystal from the Akashic Records.

5. Place the White Heulandite under your pillow and go to sleep.

6. When you wake up the next morning, record in your dream diary every detail that you can remember from that night's dreams.

White Heulandite is an important tool for psychics, healers and clairvoyants. In addition, as a birthstone, it serves as an astrological amulet against the malefic influences of fixed star Sarin. Those born under the influence of Sarin are likely to suffer injuries to their eyes later in life.

If you or someone you care for suffers from learning disabilities, erratical thought patterns, hyperactivity or ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Impulsivity), then White Heulandite can help to calm the mental chatter that is causing all these issues. If it is you who is suffering from lack of focus and restlessness, then wear a piece of jewelry set with a White Heulandite or keep a raw piece of this crystal in your pocket. But if you want to help someone else who is suffering from troubled thoughts, then give them a piece of White Heulandite or a piece of Jewelry set with a White Heulandite as a personal talisman. Before giving them the White Heulandite (raw or set in a piece of jewelry), hold it in your right hand and pray for their peace of mind and healing. As you recite your prayer, focus your mind on drawing Divine love into the crystal to help the person who will receive it, find happiness, peace and calm. Make sure you hand over this personal talisman with your right hand, even if you are left handed.