Green Nephrite Jade

Description for Birthstone: Green Nephrite Jade

Green Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade is a combination of Jadeite and Actinolite. This particular mineral occurs in a range of colors and shades. The green variety is known as stone of longevity, abundance and growth, just like the green vegetation in nature.

Traditionally the Green Nephrite Jade is considered the lucky stone for business negotiations and financial transactions, such as buying, selling, and investing money in different ways. New Zealand's aboriginals use Green Nephrite Jade as an amulet for protection against disease and attacks. In ancient China the Green Nephrite Jade was revered as a sacred stone and used to make sacred articles to be used in religious ceremonies. According to Chinese lore this gemstone blesses whoever and whatever it touches.

Healers and light workers use Green Nephrite Jade for inducing lucid dreams as well as for enhancing dream recall. Here is how you can use this stone to do successful dream work:

1. Lie comfortably in bed on your back.

2. Hold with your left hand a piece of Green Nephrite Jade against your "third eye", which is the point on your forehead right in the middle between your eyes and just above the bridge of your nose.

3. Close your eyes and focus your intentions on letting the crystal's energies open your third eye and enhance your psychic powers of clairvoyance.

4. Utter a prayer that the Creator sends you clear night visions that will help and guide you on your life path.

5. As soon as you start to become drowsy, place the Green Nephrite Jade under your pillow and allow yourself to fall asleep . When you wake up record in your meditation diary every detail of what you remember from that night's dreams.

Green Nephrite Jade is used for increasing the cash flow and abundance in your life. All you need to do is place a piece of Green Nephrite Jade into your moneybag – after that you will see that your moneybag will never be empty. Merchants and shopkeepers can place a Green Nephrite Jade in their till to increase sales.

Green Nephrite Jade is also known as the "Stone of Fidelity", because it is a natural talisman for keeping a marriage happy and healthy. The energies of this stone help to balance the female ("Yin") and male ("Yang") energies in both husband and wife. These energies also help to transmute negative into positive energies, intolerance into tolerance and resentment into love.