Paraiba Tourmaline

Description for Birthstone: Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline, also known as Neon Tourmaline, is a rare variety of copper-bearing tourmaline with exquisite blue and blue-green hues that have a mesmerizing electric glow. The neon blue coloring is due to copper inclusions.

This variety of tourmaline was named after the location where it was first discovered in 1987: Paraíba, Brazil. Today Paraiba Tourmaline is also mined in other locations, including Afghanistan, Madagascar, U.S.A., East Africa, Nigeria and Mozambique. High quality specimens have been found in Nigeria and Mozambique already in the early 1990s; these are marketed as "African Paraiba Tourmaline" in contrast to the "Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline".

Paraiba Tourmaline is the birthstone of Venus, the planet of love and romance. Hence, Paraiba Tourmaline is a stone of love, friendship and romance. Wearing a pendant set with a Paraiba Tourmaline over your heart will enhance your personal charm, charisma and sex appeal. The Venusian energies of the Paraiba Tourmaline make your whole being glow with beauty and splendor, just like a neon bulb in the dark.

Paraiba Tourmaline is the lucky stone for healers. The stone's vibrations arouse in one the desire to help and support those in need. Healers and Reiki masters can wear a silver ring set with a Paraiba Tourmaline on their right hand as a talisman for enhancing their healing powers.

Paraiba Tourmaline is also a “Stone of Truth”. The stone's vibrations don't allow one to cheat or lie. Therefore whoever wears a piece of jewelry set with a Paraiba Tourmaline or carries a loose piece with them, will be forced to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. If you find it difficult to trust someone near and dear to you then give them a piece of jewelry set with a Paraiba Tourmaline as a personal talisman for making them act in honesty and refrain from double dealing and unfair play.

Like all blue or bluish stones, Paraiba Tourmaline is an excellent crystalline ally for writers, teachers, scholars, speakers and counselors. The combination of blue and green give this stone the power to arouse feelings of empathy together with mental clarity for finding the right words to support someone in a crisis and helping them to heal. Words have power and the vibrations of the Paraiba Tourmaline can be harnessed to amplify the healing power of your words.

Paraiba Tourmaline brings optimism and lightheartedness. If you are going through a difficult time in your life then carry a piece of Paraiba Tourmaline with you; this will make you feel better and fill your heart with the faith that happier times will replace these hard times.