Description for Birthstone: Serpentine

Serpentine, also known as "China Jade", vibrates the metaphysical energies of the serpent. This stone was used in antiquity as a protective amulet against the poison of snakes and other venomous creatures like for example poisonous spiders, insects and scorpions. The magnetic energies of the Serpentine rock were used to draw out toxins from the body.

Like all green stones, Serpentine is a potent healing stone. Serpentine's healing energies are especially beneficial for treating diabetes and hypoglycemia as well as for eliminating parasites (like for example worms and lice) from the body. Furthermore, Serpentine can also be used for preventing infections and colds.

Meditating with two pieces of Serpentine in both hands will open all the metaphysical power centers along the spine for the life force (Kundalini) and the healing energies of the Serpentine to flow freely. This type of meditation utilizes the healing energies of the stone for activating the body's self-healing mechanisms.

Serpentine was used in almost all ancient cultures for a variety of purposes. The ancient Romans used Serpentine as a facing stone. The ancient Egyptians used Serpentine to make amulets and in other ancient cultures protective seals made of Serpentine were carried for good fortune. The Native American Zuni tribes carved fetishes from Serpentine. Serpentine is also considered to be the lucky stone for the Celtic Nations.

Shamans employ Serpentine in their ceremonies and healing rituals. Earth healers use Serpentine for gridding the earth, crystals healers use Serpentine in their layouts, and psychics use Serpentine to access the Akashic Records.

Serpentine is the lucky stone for archeologists, historians and past-life therapists. Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Serpentine helps one to remember important incidents from one's past lives as well as historical details from that lifetime, and thereby relive those moments in order to gain a deeper understanding of one's karma. This helps to heal the past and learn the necessary lessons for the future. Archeologists and historians get important hunches for their research by awakening memories from past lives. Often artifacts from the past trigger a dΓ©jΓ  vu experience. Historians use archeological fragments to piece together the history of the place where they were found. Their latent memories from past lives supply the necessary hints for explaining the history of that place.

Like all green stones, Serpentine serves as a talisman for attracting abundance and prosperity. If you place a piece of Serpentine into your money bag, it will never be empty. If you grid your garden with pieces of Serpentine then you will reap a plentiful crop. And if you place a piece of Serpentine in a bowl with your herbs to dry, then this will greatly enhance their healing energies.