Star Garnet

Description for Birthstone: Star Garnet

The Star Garnet is a Garnet with rutile asterisms. This beautiful dark purple variety of Garnet is mined in many areas across the globe. However, the Idaho Star Garnet is famous for its extraordinary high quality. This makes it a very sought after gemstone among crystal collectors. Most Idaho Star Garnets have four rays, but sometimes a piece is found with six rays. In 1967, the Star Garnet was officially declared the state gemstone of Idaho.

The Star Garnet is the lucky stone for astrologers and stargazers. Meditating with a Star Garnet can tune one into the rhythms of the universe and align one's consciousness with the energies of the celestial bodies. This allows for a deeper understanding of the influences of the planetary transits.

Whenever an astrologer encounters difficulties in reading a horoscope, he/she can use a pendulum with a Star Garnet to intuitively pick up on the vibrations of the planetary positions. This always helps to decipher the information contained in the horoscope.

The Star Garnet is a stone of vision and clairvoyance. Using a Star Garnet for scrying can help one find lost objects or missing persons.

The Star Garnet is also a powerful dream stone. Sleeping or meditating with this crystalline ally will bring lucid dreams and also help one to remember the details of those dreams after waking up the following morning.

If you are facing a dilemma and don't know how to decide, place a piece of Star Garnet under your pillow before going to sleep. The energies of this stone will open your third eye to see the answer or helpful hints to solving your dilemma in your night vision. The following morning you will wake up with an inner knowing and a clarity of mind to make the right decisions.

The Star Garnet has been named by some crystal healers the "Stone of Majesty". Wearing or carrying a Star Garnet will enhance your personal charisma and allow for your inner beauty to shine like a star in the night. This will make people love and trust you as well as look up to you as a role model.

The Star Garnet is a stone of optimism and hope. It teaches you not to lose hope even in times of uncertainty and chaos. It opens your eyes to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. The Star Garnet reminds us that after every dark night there comes a new dawn to light up our lives with fresh energy.