Description for Birthstone: Vivianite


Vivianite is the archetype of a Scorpio birthstone. It is a stone for transformation that strongly vibrates the energies of Pluto.

As a crystal of spiritual transcendence, Vivianite opens up possibilities for going beyond the boundaries of time and place. If you feel trapped inside your daily routine and want create a fundamental change in your life, then meditating with a piece of Vivianite, will infuse you with fresh energies to embark onto a new life path. Here is how you can work with Vivianite in meditation:

1. First, sit comfortably in an armchair, leaning backwards with your head against the backrest.

2. Hold a piece of Vivianite with your left hand against your "third eye", which is the point on your forehead between both eyes, right above the bridge of your nose.

3. Close your eyes and focus your intentions on opening up to receiving the energies of the crystal.

4. Allow the images flow freely into your mind's eye and listen carefully to your inner voice as you receive Divine inspiration and information from the Akashic Records.

5. You may become drowsy and fall asleep during such a meditation session. When you wake up record in your meditation diary every detail of what you have seen and heard in your dream state.

If Vivianite is your birthstone, then this shows that you have the potential to serve as a spiritual guide and teacher for your community. Your wisdom and psychic powers aid you in providing hope for others by teaching and guiding them as well as by being a personal example.

Vivianite is the lucky stone for caregivers and healers, since its energies arouse feelings of altruism, sympathy and generosity for those less fortunate in life. Therefore wearing a silver or copper pendant set with a piece of Vivianite over your heart will help you to be in a continual state of enlightenment and compassion.

If you are suffering from a professional burnout, then wearing a piece of jewelry set with a Vivianite can rekindle your motivation and passion for giving what you can at work. Remember work is not a means for making money but an opportunity to serve your community – be it as a teacher, a nurse, or a cashier at the local store – no matter what you do for a living, you are helping people who need your service. Seeing the purpose of your work makes it easier for you to love what you are doing, especially when you see how you can make people who depend on your services happier. Having a piece of Vivianite with you at work will help you to be more emphatic to the needs of those whom you serve.