Description for Birthstone: Ajoite

Ajoite is a bluish green copper silicate mineral that was first discovered in 1941 in Ajo, a location in the Pima County, Arizona, USA. In 1958, this new bluish green mineral was named Ajoite after the place where it was discovered. Ajoite is a very rare mineral, which mostly occurs as a Quartz inclusion. Today the majority of the Quartz included Ajoite specimens (also known as Ajoite Phantom Quartz) on the market come from the Messina Copper Mine in South Africa.

Like all copper ores, Ajoite is a powerful healing crystal. The quartz host amplifies the healing energies of the Ajoite. Hence, Ajoite Phantom Quartz points make powerful healing wands. Such a wand can be used by a healer for transmitting healing energies or as a massage tool for relieving pain and boosting the body's self-healing powers on a cellular level.

Ajoite is a typical "Age of Aquarius" crystal; it's energies help to raise awareness for environmental issues and the future of planet earth. Healers can use this high-vibrational crystal for healing the earth and purifying the air from negative thought patterns.

Ajoite's soothing energies can heal a wounded spirit and bring comfort to a broken heart. It is a very useful crystal for doing past life work as well as eliminate negative energies and heal karmic wounds. The stone's vibrations not only heal body and soul but also instill a person with a sense of deep peace.

People who find it difficult to accept themselves as they are should meditate with a piece of Ajoite to find inner peace and contentment. Here is a simple meditation you can do with Ajoite:

1. Stand upright with your legs together.

2. Hold a piece of Ajoite against your heart with your right hand.

3. Close your eyes and pay attention to the stone's pulsating vibrations.

4. Exhale all the air in your lungs through your mouth. As you exhale, focus your intention on releasing all forms of negativity.

5. Inhale fresh air through your nostrils and visualize in your mind's eye a blue-green ray of Divine healing energy entering your being through the crown of your head and flowing down your spine.

6. Repeat this breathing exercise until you feel rejuvenated.

Ajoite is a stone of peace and reconciliation. Its energies help you to rise above animosities, resentments, envy or feelings of revenge. It arouses infinite compassion, love and empathy, even towards those who have hurt you. It's healing powers help to turn pain into joy and anger into compassion. As the saying goes: life's challenges help you to grow stronger and wiser.