Description for Birthstone: Sphene

Sphene, also known as Titanite, is the lucky stone for astrologers, clairvoyants, and visionaries. This crystal enhances intuitive, psychic and telepathic abilities. It's vibrations also help to clear the mind and boost the memory. Meditating or dowsing with a Sphene pendulum will tune one into the rhythms of the universe. Astrologers who are finding it difficult to decipher a horoscope can use a Sphene pendulum to pick up on the energies of the planetary positions by moving their left hand with the pendulum over the astrological chart.

Sphene's vibrations stimulate inner vision and clairvoyance. This makes Sphene a very advantageous crystalline ally for artists (painters, sculptors etc.) to have. Whenever an artist is going through a creativity block, they can meditate or sleep with a piece of Sphene for renewed inspiration. Here are a few simple steps for meditating with a Sphene:

1. Sit on a chair facing east.

2. Close your eyes; then hold with your right hand a piece of Shpene against your third eye (the point on your forehead half-way between both eye brows and right above the bridge of your nose).

3. Exhale until no air is left in your lungs. Whilst exhaling focus your intention on releasing all forms of energy blocks that are obstructing your artistic creativity.

4. Inhale fresh air through your nostrils and allow the energies of the Sphene to flow freely into your mind. Once you enter alpha consciousness, you will see in your mind's eye pictures, colors and shapes.

5. Immediately after your meditation session is over, record in your dream diary every detail of what you've "seen" and felt whilst meditating.

Wear or carry a piece of Sphene if you are disorganized or hyperactive, if your mind tends to wander, or if you find it difficult to get down to doing what you need to do. The crystal's energies will help you to clear all the cobwebs from your mind and focus on the task at hand.

Ridged and narrow minded people can also benefit from the energies of the Sphene. The crystal's vibrations help one to shed all forms of prejudices, fixed ideas, dogmas or preconceptions, and open up to new ideas and philosophies. Learning to think outside the box is an important stage in one's spiritual development and evolution.

Gardeners, farmers and anyone who grows plants can grid their garden with pieces of Sphene. The crystal's vibrations both spiritually cleanse the earth as well as stimulate the healthy growth of any plant.