Colorless Spinel

Description for Birthstone: Colorless Spinel

Colorless Spinel is a stone of vision and clairvoyance. Wearing or carrying this stone will promote your growth towards enlightenment and a higher spiritual perspective on life.

Meditating with a piece of Colorless Spinel can help you to access the Akashic Records and channel esoteric information for understanding the secrets of the stars, crystals, herbs and totems animals. This is especially useful for astrologers, crystal healers, herbalists and shamans to gain a deeper understanding in the secrets of the cosmos.

Colorless Spinel is also the lucky stone for scientists, inventors, thinkers and philosophers. The stone's energies rejuvenate both mind and body and help you to think outside the box. Wearing or carrying a piece of Colorless Spinel will inspire you with new ideas and help you find innovative ways for dealing with the challenges of daily life. Remember: every issue has a solution – all you need is to find that solution. And indeed Colorless Spinel will open your eyes and widen your perspective for finding the right solutions to all the issues that you need to deal with.

Colorless Spinel is a highly programmable crystal for any application you choose. The stone's versatility makes it a powerful tool for healers and light workers. You can program this crystal to serve as a talisman for any purpose you want.

If you feel drained and listless, then carry or wear a piece of Colorless Spinel. This stone is a kind of metaphysical charger and energizer; it can be used to recharge your energy reserves both on the physical level as well as on the spiritual level.

Furthermore, you can prepare a Colorless Spinel gemstone elixir for boosting your energy levels as well as your mental abilities. Here is how you can prepare your own Colorless Spinel elixir:

1. Fill a glass bottle or decanter with distilled water.

2. Rinse a piece of Colorless Spinel under running tap water whilst focusing your intentions on washing away all forms of negativity.

3. Place the Colorless Spinel into the water filled bottle or decanter and utter a prayer that the healing energies of the stone infuse the water.

4. Light a candle on the windowsill facing north or east.

5. Place the bottle or decanter with the Colorless Spinel inside it next to the candle so that the candle's light illuminates the water and crystal.

6. Once the candle has gone out the gemstone elixir will be ready for use.

Colorless Spinel not only purifies and protects, it also infuses its surroundings with positive energies of optimism and joy. You can grid your home or workspace with Colorless Spinel. This will help to attract good fortune, abundance, health and wealth.