Barnacle Quartz Crystal

Description for Birthstone: Barnacle Quartz Crystal

A Barnacle Quartz Crystal, also known as a Fairy Dust Crystal Quartz, is a larger Quartz Crystal point, which is fully or partially covered with smaller crystals. The larger Quartz Crystal point has been named the "Old Soul" that carries the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. Hence, the Barnacle Quartz Crystal symbolizes the wise elder passing on to the younger generation the traditions and teachings of the past.

Wearing or carrying a Barnacle Quartz Crystal will help in building and strengthening family relationships. This type of Clear Quartz can serve as a personal talisman for promoting solidarity and cooperation with other members of one's family. Teachers can also use a piece of Barnacle Quartz Crystal for enhancing communication with their pupils.

Meditating or sleeping with a Barnacle Quartz Crystal will extend your perspective and aid you in gaining a deeper insight into the underlying causes of all the issues you need to solve with your family. The energies of the Barnacle Quartz Crystal help to encourage group collaboration and unity; therefore teachers, group instructors, team leaders ,trainers and anybody in charge of a group should have a piece of this crystalline ally with them during a session or meeting.

The Barnacle Quartz Crystal is a stone of fertility. Couples who are attempting to get pregnant can place a Barnacle Quartz Crystal under their pillow during love making to increase the odds for conception. Alternatively, the wife can wear a Barnacle Quartz Crystal on a cord or chain around her neck as a personal fertility amulet.

Writers, scholars and researchers who are going through a creativity block can meditate or sleep with a piece of Barnacle Quartz Crystal. This will help to open the door for receiving a renewed flow of creative inspiration.

The Barnacle Quartz Crystal is the lucky stone for parents and grandparents. Wearing or carrying a piece of this crystal gives one an air of authority, which makes others listen respectfully to what one has to say. Parents or grandparents, who feel that they are not being heard, can use the Barnacle Quartz Crystal as a transmitter for getting their point across.

Meditating with a Barnacle Quartz Crystal helps you to discern your true and timeless self from all the external parts of "you" that have attached themselves during this and previous lives. These external attachments are your experiences, possessions, relationships and lessons learned. This process is an important part of self-knowledge; self-knowledge is a precondition for ascending to a higher spiritual level.