Description for Birthstone: Cobalto-Calcite

Cobalto-Calcite, also known as Spherocobaltite, is a bright pink cobalt carbonate mineral. This mineral was first officially discovered in 1877 at the St. Daniel Mine of the Schneeberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany. Today this rarer ore of cobalt is also mined in Morocco and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Cobalto-Calcite is a stone of pure love and healing. Like all pink crystals, this stone is particularly beneficial for healing psychosomatic illnesses caused by a broken spirit. Healing the spirit is the first step to healing the body.

Merely gazing at this mesmerizing magenta druzy rock infuses one's whole being with wonderful loving energies. Even the most pessimistic individuals will feel their spirits rising when looking at this exquisitely beautiful stone.

It is a known fact that optimism opens the door to all the Divine blessings of the universe attracting love, abundance, health and success. Conversely pessimism is like an iron curtain obstructing the Divine light of pure love. Therefore changing a negative attitude into a positive mind-set will bring good fortune into one's life.

Cobalto-Calcite is the lucky stone for past life therapists and psychic mediums. This high-vibrational crystal facilitates past life memory recall to allow for deep karmic healing. Most of people today are old souls who have reincarnated to heal old karmic wounds in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Hence, most of our phobias and mental health issues are traumas from past lives. By bringing into our conscious mind memories of the events, which caused our traumas in previous incarnations, we can release them and heal. The process of understanding the cycle of cause and effect enables us to break out of the vicious circle, which is causing our psychological issues.

Furthermore, the vibrations of the Cobalto-Calcite can help to erase memories that are getting in the way with our spiritual development and growth. This crystal is particularly useful for deleting those images from our subconscious mind that are interfering with our life and preventing us from healing.

Meditating with a piece of Cobalto-Calcite can raise one's awareness to a level that will allow one to channel Divine messages via automatic writing or clairvoyance. This is an age-old method for revealing the mysteries and ancient wisdom of the universe. Many astrologers use automatic writing as a means for channeling information about a newly discovered planet. Also crystal healers, herbalists and shamans will apply this method for learning about an unknown mineral, plant or animal totem.