Red Aventurine

Description for Birthstone: Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is a blend of Quartz and Hematite with Goethite inclusions. The Quartz amplifies the grounding and protective energies of Hematite and Goethite; hence Red Aventurine is a highly protective and grounding crystal. This makes it a perfect talisman for soldiers, policemen, detectives, armed guards and anyone in charge of public security.

Red Aventurine is also the lucky stone for sportsmen and artists. The stone is a natural energizer that dispels fatigue and fear, instilling its wearer or bearer with vitality, enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

Red Aventurine is a stone for survivors. Its vibrations help to arouse one's dormant ability to survive. In everyday life, people usually use less than half their potential. It is only in life threatening situations, when a person has no other choice, that he or she will utilize their full potential.

Red Aventurine can serve as a talisman for regaining one's personal power. People who are trampled on and denied their basic human rights, like for example members of a social minority, invalids, children and elderly people, should wear or carry a piece of Red Aventurine. If you have been the underdog in society, then keep a piece of Red Aventurine on you – the stone's energies will fill you with the courage to answer back. It teaches you say "no" to people who first use and then abuse you.

Red Aventurine is a stone of cooperation. Cooperation means mutual respect and acceptance. Cooperation also means serving hand in hand a common purpose, pooling resources and working together. Red Aventurine not only teaches you to be assertive and stand your ground but also makes you aware of the needs and rights of others. Once you recognize and accept your own responsibilities then you are fit to work in a team.

Psychologically, Red Aventurine helps you to think outside the box and gain a wider perspective of a situation. This is very useful when fighting to survive. The stone helps to view reality more objectively in order to make a more accurate assessment of a situation. This is vital when making a decision or planning a course of action.

Red Aventurine can promote a healthier marriage and add new vigor to a love relationship. Middle-aged couples who are lacking libido in their love life can place a piece of Aventurine next to their bed as an aphrodisiac.

If Red Aventurine comes your way then this is an omen that groundbreaking changes are about to take place in your life. Red Aventurine is also a stone of revolutionary changes and transformation.