Description for Birthstone: Hyalite

Hyalite, also known as Water Opal, is a transparent stone with a gelatinous look to it. This stone both purifies the aura from all forms of negativity as well as creates a protective shield against any kind of ill wishing, psychic attacks and the "Evil Eye".

Meditating with a piece of raw Hyalite enables you to transmute all forms of negativity caused by trauma and bad karma into healing energies. This will rejuvenate you as well as boost your stamina and optimism.

Hyalite is a powerful scrying stone that can be used for past life therapy. By gazing into the stone's watery depths you can tap into all your memories from past lives that are buried deep in your subconscious mind. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your present karma. Remember: the first step to healing the psyche is to understand.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Hyalite will balance your moods and generally make you feel happy with life. Therefore, if someone dear to you is going through some sort of emotional crisis, give them a piece of Hyalite as a personal talisman for raising their spirits.

Hyalite is the lucky stone for artists, musicians, writers and healers. It's gentle energies help to stimulate ones intuitions and artistic creativity. Anyone experiencing a creative block can meditate with a piece of Hyalite to inspire them with new creative energies.

Hyalite is a high vibrational dream stone that opens a portal for psychic visions. If you want to receive prophetic lucid dreams in your sleep, you can use a piece of Hyalite as follows:

1. Before going to sleep, lie on your back in bed with your eyes closed.

2. Take a piece of Hyalite into your right hand and hold it against your third eye (on your forehead between both eyebrows and just above the bridge of your nose).

3. Focus your intentions on letting the crystal's energies infuse you with Divine Light.

4. Exhale all the air from your lungs through your mouth. Whilst exhaling, focus your intentions on releasing everything that no longer serves you.

5. Inhale fresh air through your nostrils whilst focusing your intentions on drawing new Divine Light into your being.

6. Repeat this exercise until you start to feel drowsy.

7. Before you fall asleep, place the piece of Hyalite under your pillow.

8. When you wake up the following morning, record every detail you can remember from that night's dreams in your dream diary.