Description for Birthstone: Goshenite


Goshenite is the lucky stone for mathematicians and accountants. It strengthens your rational abilities and helps you to organize your thoughts more clearly and logically.

The highly rational energies of Goshenite helps your logical mind get control over your irrational emotions. This is especially beneficial if you need to maintain your composure when your life is in turmoil and full of "surprises".

If you have a dilemma and don't know how to decide on an issue, then meditate with a piece of Goshenite in your left hand whilst focusing your thoughts on your question. The first thoughts that spontaneously enter your mind will contain the answers to your question. In addition, before going to sleep, place the Goshenite under your pillow and ask the Creator for guidance and advice before falling asleep; this will help to induce clear night visions which will help and guide you.

Goshenite is also known as the lucky stone for nature trackers and warriors. It stimulates alertness, enhances the ability to identify dangers and helps to boost the power of survival. Therefore, it is a highly recommended crystalline ally for soldiers, policemen, fire fighters, trackers and hikers to have with them for protection.

If someone near and dear is in danger then you can place a piece of tumbled Goshenite or a piece of jewelry set with a Goshenite in your right hand and pray for their wellbeing and protection, whilst focusing your mind on drawing protective and healing energies into the crystal. Afterwards give that person the Goshenite by handing it to them with your right hand (even if you are left handed). The Goshenite given by you will serve as a personal talisman for them.

The Goshenite vibrates the energies of the wolf; the wolf is the totem animal for inspiring truth, patience and focus. Meditating with a piece of Goshenite in your left hand imbues you with patience and helps you to focus on the truth.

Wearing a piece of jewelry set with a Goshenite helps you to keep to the facts when writing or in conversation. In addition, Goshenite is very helpful for writers because it facilitates creativity and originality.

Counselors who need to reach out to people suffering from a crisis can place a piece of Goshenite in their pocket or on their desk as a talisman for choosing the right words. In such instances, the right words at the right time can literally be lifesavers.

Placing a piece of Goshenite against the candle light on the dining table when having a meal with your beloved, helps to stabilize your relationship and enhance your mutual feelings of solidarity for one another.