Description for Birthstone: Diaspore

Diaspore is the stone of adaptability; its energies make surrender to the Divine Will and flow easily with the tides of the Divine Plan. People who tend to be control freaks should carry or wear a piece of Diaspore to learn how to you let go of their ego and adjust to a situation as it is. Many circumstances in life require us to conform with reality as it is rather than trying to force our own ideas on a situation. Remember: Whenever a situation can't be changed it is you who needs to change in order to overcome the obstacles.

Diaspore will help you to calm a stressful situation. It is also a useful crystal to have when attempting to build a marital relationship that can withstand the trials and tribulations that life has to offer, develop a career that will further you in life or connect with those spirit guides who will help you to develop spiritually.

If you find it difficult to keep your focus during meditation, then you will find Diaspore a big help. This high vibrational stone acts as a bridge between the spiritual realms and the physical world; it opens a portal for you to channel esoteric knowledge from the Akashic Records, whilst keeping you firmly grounded during astral travel.

When embarking onto a new spiritual path in life, or entering a new phase in your spiritual development, you need to shed all your prejudices and preconceptions about things. For this purpose, meditating with a piece of Diaspore will help you to enter the "beginners" mindset.

Diaspore is the lucky stone for researchers and explorers. This stone helps you to gain new perspectives on a subject as well as unexpected insights. Furthermore, the stone gives you the mental clarity and flexibility needed for making new discoveries. The stone's energies also make it easier for you to see different points of view on an issue.

If you feel mentally exhausted, forgetful or out of focus add a three drops of Diaspore gemstone elixir to your morning coffee. Here is how you can prepare your own Diaspore gemstone elixir:

1. Rinse a piece of Diaspore under running water and place it into a decanter.

2. Add a cup of distilled water and a tablespoon of vodka or gin to the decanter with the Diaspore inside it.

3. Light a candle and place it on the windowsill in your kitchen.

4. Place the decanter with the Diaspore inside it near the candle so that the candle's light shines on the crystal.

5. The Diaspore gemstone elixir will be ready for use after the candle has burned down.