Enhydro Quartz

Description for Birthstone: Enhydro Quartz

Enhydro Quartz is the embodiment of fire and water combined into one element. In other words, the energies of the Enhydro Quartz are like a stream of water flowing out of a ball of fire. In astrological terms, a square between a planet in a fire sign and a planet in a water sign is an indication of clairvoyance, prophetic vision and spiritual revelation. Hence, if your birthstone is the Enhydro Quartz, then you have been gifted with the power of psychic vision.

Physically, the Enhydro Quartz reminds one of a compass. Spiritually, the Enhydro Quartz is a powerful metaphysical tool for dowsing and for making the right choices in life. In times of confusion, this crystal ally will help you to find your bearings as well as your way. For dowsing, use an Enhydro Quartz as a pendulum; this will help you to pick up on the changes in the earth's vibrations according to what is hidden beneath it's surface. Spiritually, meditating with an Enhydro Quartz will help you to find your place in the world as well as your life path and destiny.

Enhydro Quartz is the lucky stone for psychic mediums and healers. The Enhydro Quartz point or wand acts like a metaphysical antenna or receptor to facilitate telepathic communication as well as sending and receiving healing energies.

Artists and scholars can carry or wear an Enhydro Quartz for inspiration and increased creativity. By placing an Enhydro Quartz point under your pillow before going to sleep, you can boost your capacity for lucid dreaming as well as the ability to remember your dreams.

Enhydro Quartz is a stone of flexibility that teaches you how to adapt to unforeseen events that force you to take a new course in life. Hence, in times of uncertainty and chaos, meditating with an Enhydro Quartz can help you to flow with the tide and adjust more easily to the unexpected changes in your life.

Here is a simple meditation that can help you overcome your fears and apprehensions in the face of an unknown future:

1. Before going to sleep, sit comfortably in your bed.

2. Hold with your right hand a piece of Enhydro Quartz against your heart.

3. Close your eyes and focus your intentions on letting the crystal's energies infuse your whole being with hope and optimism that no matter what everything will turn out for the better.

4. Breath deeply and slowly until you feel drowsy.

5. Place the Enhydro Quartz under you pillow and go to sleep.

6. When you wake up the following morning you will feel more comfortable with the twists and turns your life is taking.