Rainbow Quartz Crystal

Description for Birthstone: Rainbow Quartz Crystal

Rainbow Quartz Crystal is a Clear Quartz Crystal with internal fractures that have a prismatic effect, which creates one or more beautiful rainbows within the crystal. These crystals are stones of joy, hope, optimism and artistic creativity. Such crystals have the power to put a smile on any face and fill the heart with laughter.

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is especially helpful for people who are going through a time of uncertainty, painful changes and challenging trials in their life. Sleeping or meditating with this crystalline ally will recharge one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy resources with renewed confidence, courage and faith. Merely gazing at the enchanting colors of the Rainbow Quartz Crystal will raise the spirits of even the most disheartened individual.

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal vibrates all the rays of the color spectrum; this makes it a powerful high-vibrational healing crystal. Many crystal healers and reiki masters use a Rainbow Quartz Crystal wand in their healing sessions. Furthermore, geomancers can use a Rainbow Quartz Crystal pendulum for dowsing hidden treasures buried beneath the ground and earth healers can use Rainbow Quartz Crystal points for gridding.

Meditating with a Rainbow Quartz Crystal will greatly boost an artist's creativity and inspire them with new ideas. Sleeping with this crystal will induce lucid dreams and help one remember those dreams after waking up.

Wearing or carrying a Rainbow Quartz Crystal will increase your mental focus, expand your spiritual awareness and help you to think outside the box. If you are at a loss in solving an issue or seem to have more questions than answers, then the Rainbow Quartz Crystal will aid you in finding creative ways for solving your problems.

Moreover, the Rainbow Quartz Crystal enhances your psychic and telepathic powers. Hence, a Rainbow Quartz Crystal wand is the perfect tool for sending healing energies to someone near and dear who is in a different place from you.

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is also a stone of abundance and prosperity. To attract wealth and financial success, place a Rainbow Quartz Crystal in your kitchen next to a plant or on a wooden stand, near the wall facing south-east. In addition, shop owners can place a Rainbow Quartz Crystal on their counter next to the till. This will help to attract customers and increase sales.

Gardeners and farmers can increase the quantity and quality of their crop by gridding the planted area with Rainbow Quartz Crystals. Herbalists can place a Rainbow Quartz Crystal into a container with their dried medicinal herbs to enhance their healing energies.