Description for Birthstone: Ulexite

Ulexite, also known as TV Rock, was named after Georg Ludwig Ulex, the nineteenth century German chemist who first correctly identified this mineral. The main locations for mining Ulexite today are in the US states of California and Nevada, in Kazakhstan (the former USSR), and the TarapacΓ‘ Region in Chile.

Ulexite is a milky white stone that has a silky fibrous texture. The stone's parallel fibers act as natural optical fibers that conduct light, by means of internal reflection, along their axes. Hence, if a piece of Ulexite is cut vertically to the direction of the fibers with two flat polished faces on the front and back sides, the front face of the stone will display a raised image of the object, picture or text, that is adjacent to the rear face of the stone. Ulexite has been nicknamed "TV Rock" because of this unique optical characteristic. Caution should be taken, as Ulexite dissolves in hot water. It is best to store the stone in a cool and dry place.

Ulexite is a powerful psychic stone that promotes clairvoyance, prophetic vision and multidimensional perception. The stone's vibrations help to balance your logical and rational left brain with your intuitive and artistic right brain in order to gain a more focused perspective and realistic picture of a situation, problem or task that needs to be dealt with.

Meditating with a piece of Ulexite can help you to "see" beyond the physical reality and catch a glimpse into the future. Here is a simple exercise you can do to arouse your psychic vision:

1. Sit comfortably on a chair or a couch.

2. Take a piece of Ulexite and hold it with your hand against your third eye (the point just above the bridge of your nose and half-way between your eye brows).

3. Close your eyes and allow the images to move freely before your mind's eye.

4. At the end of the session, record in your dream diary all the images, sounds and scents you encountered during the meditation. At a later date, when you re-read what you have written in your dream diary you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the Divine messages channeled during that meditation.

Ulexite is a powerful dream stone. Sleeping with a piece of Ulexite will both clear all forms of negativity from your aura as well as induce lucid dreaming and clear night visions. The following morning you will wake up with renewed inspiration, fresh energies and a clear mind to help you plan your day ahead.