Description for Birthstone: Atlantisite

Atlantisite, also known as Tasmanite or Stichtite-Serpentine, is a combination of Green Serpentine with Purple Stichtite inclusions. This unique stone was officially discovered by A.S. Wesley in 1910 on the west coast of Tasmania. A.S. Wesley had previously served as a chief chemist for the Mount Lyell mining company. The newly found purple mineral was named Stichtite after Robert Carl Sticht, the manager of the Mount Lyell mining company. Later, Gerald Pauly gave this unique mineral combination its new registered trade name "Atlantisite". In other words, Stichtite is the Purple mineral and Atlantisite is a combination of Purple Stichtite on a Green Serpentine matrix. Today, Atlantisite is mined in a number of locations around the globe, like for example: Tasmania, Australia; Ontario and Quebec, Canada; Bou Azzer, Morocco; Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Crystal healers have intuitively discovered that Atlantisite has powerful healing energies, which can be used to treat gynecological disorders as well as health issues related to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and digestive system.

Atlantisite is known to be a stone of peace and reconciliation. It is therefore the lucky stone for mediators, marriage counselors and diplomats. Wearing or carrying a piece of Atlantisite will create an aura of calm and unconditional love around you; this serves as a powerful protective wall for warding off possible conflicts, disputes and animosities. It is also a perfect crystalline ally for ending disputes and transforming old resentments into forgiveness and compassion. As the saying goes: "Make Love – Not War".

Green is the color of healing and growth, and purple is the color of wisdom and spirituality. The combination of green and purple in this stone, represents the combined energies of healing and growth through learning and spiritual ascension.

Atlantisite is a stone of clairvoyance and vision. Sleeping or meditating with a piece of Atlantisite can induce lucid dreams and clear psychic visions. Intuitive sources have found that the energies of Atlantisite hold the memories of our lives on Atlantis and Lemuria. Hence the energies of this stone help us to heal all those karmic wounds that date back to Atlantis and Lemuria and which we have brought with us into this lifetime.

If a piece of Atlantisite has come into your possession then this is an omen that you are ready to ascend to a higher level of spiritual awareness. This may entail a change in address, a change in profession or even a change in your marital status. Remember, even if the process of going through such changes is difficult and painful it will eventually turn out to be for the best.