Description for Birthstone: Aragonite

Aragonite and Calcite are both the two most widely occurring, crystal forms of calcium carbonate, CaCO3. Aragonite was named in 1797 after Molina de AragΓ³n (Guadalajara, Spain). Aragonite occurs in different colors and formations, but the most popular varieties used by crystal healers are the reddish Aragonites mined in Molina de AragΓ³n, the reddish Aragonite Star Clusters mined in Morocco and the recently found Blue Aragonites from China. Nearly all mollusk shells contain Aragonite. Some mollusks, like for example Arctica shells, are made entirely of Aragonite and others are made partly of Aragonite and partly of Calcite.

Aragonite vibrates the energies of the ocean. Its energies enhance intuition and telepathic communication abilities. Moreover, Aragonite aids in balancing emotions and also helps to discern between wishful thinking and true intuition.

Aragonite aligns the spirit with the physical reality. This makes it an excellent manifestation stone for making one's dreams and aspirations come true. The materialization of an idea depends on the focus of your intent during meditation and prayer.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Aragonite will help you to stay calm in even the most nerve-racking situations. If you tend to lose your temper whenever things aren't going your way then wear a piece of Aragonite on a cord or a necklace over your heart to help you take on a more tolerant attitude towards people.

Aragonite is a stone of peace. It promotes tolerance and open-mindedness. Light workers can use Aragonite to grid places which have been filled with disputes, battles and interpersonal tension to allow for a peaceful resolution of conflicts and differences of opinion. As the saying goes: "Smile and the world will smile back to you".

Aragonite's calming energies help to relieve stress and anxiety. This makes it a perfect crystal for alleviating insomnia.

Aragonite is a powerful dream stone. Sleeping or meditating with a piece of Aragonite will induce psychic and telepathic visions.

Aragonite is also a wonderful stone to use for past life therapy. It is especially helpful in boosting your past life memory recall. Many phobias, obsessive behavioral patterns and irrational habits are caused by unresolved karma from previous lives. By remembering one's experiences from previous lives, one can understand the root cause for all these psychological issues. Only by understanding the karmic reasons for one's negative and compulsive behavioral patterns, will one be able to resolve the trauma that caused it. Once the subconscious traumatic memory has been released, healing will take place.