Description for Birthstone: Diopside

Diopside is a green Pyroxene. It is the birthstone of the Eagle Totem. Just like the Eagle Totem symbolizes the power of clairvoyance and clairaudience, Diopside enhances and manifests your psychic potential for "seeing" and "hearing" messages from the spiritual realms. The Eagle Totem is the king of the winged beings (birds and angels); likewise Diopside is the lucky stone for spiritual leaders and teachers. In Ezekiel's vision the archangel Rafael appears if the form of an eagle. Rafael is the angel of healing. Hence the Diopside's powerful healing energies, like all green stones, make it a perfect tool for healers.

Meditating with Diopside helps to balance the Yin/Yang energies in a person. Many psychological disorders are a result of Yin/Yang imbalances. Western culture tends to overemphasize masculine (Yang) values (like for example self-confidence, rationality, self-discipline, leadership, assertiveness) at the expense of subduing the feminine (Yin) values (like for example displaying emotions, intuition, nurturing, empathy). This collective imbalance of the Yin/Yang energies has caused many negative psychological syndromes in Western society.

Diopside's soft feminine energies have the power to heal the wounded spirit of those people who won't allow themselves to cry. Tears are the first step to healing a broken heart. They wash away the pain and make room for renewed energies of optimism. Diopside is generally used by healers for healing different kinds of psychological disorders as well as psychosomatic physical conditions.

Diopside's healing energies balance both body and mind. This makes it a soothing as well as an invigorating healing crystal. You can make a Diopside gemstone elixir for relieving the symptoms of menopause, hormone imbalances and metabolic disorders.

You can carry or wear a piece of Diopside as a personal talisman for balancing your intuitive right brain with your rational left brain. This allows for multilevel acquisition of knowledge, the processing and understanding of new information, and the practical application of what has been learnt. Hence, Diopside is the lucky stone for scientists, inventors, teachers and writers.

Diopside is a crystal that balances and integrates opposing energies: rationality and intuition, practicality and spirituality, masculinity and femininity, relaxation and action. The stone both grounds you and spiritually inspires you. This makes it a perfect tool for manifesting. The essence of manifesting is to give thoughts, ideas and other forms of spiritual inspiration, a physical form and existence. In our physical reality, there is no value to spirituality without manifestation. It is like having money without spending it. The value of money lies in the act of trading it for something usable like food, clothing, accommodation etc.