Fancy Jasper

Description for Birthstone: Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper is a grounding and protective stone that supports a healthy life style. It helps you to get your daily chores done efficiently and with a smile on your face. The stone's energies enhance your memory and focus as well as boost your physical stamina.

People suffering from depression, stress and worry should wear or carry a piece of Fancy Jasper to help them develop a more optimistic mindset that encourages them to see the bright side of life.

Fancy Jasper is the perfect stone for homemakers. It helps one to efficiently plan the day ahead and get mundane jobs done without postponements or backlogs.

The soothing energies of Fancy Jasper work gradually but also comprehensively to heal both body and soul from chronic conditions. The stone's healing process works slowly but surely.

Fancy Jasper is the lucky stone for scientists, mathematicians and engineers. This crystalline ally promotes organized and systematic thinking, boosts the intellect, and provides the necessary energy for prolonged and intense mental work. The stone's vibrations help to calm and ground the mind; it supports clear and focused thinking.

Spiritually, Fancy Jasper can serve as a powerful scrying tool for psychics and shamans to see the past, present and future. It also facilitates remote seeing as well as telepathic communication with someone far away.

People who suffer from insomnia, erratic sleep patterns or nightmares can place a piece of Fancy Jasper under their pillow before going to sleep. The stone's vibrations will also open a portal for accessing the Akashic Records as well as receiving clear night visions.

Meditating with a piece of Fancy Jasper helps to heal traumas from past lives and embark on a new life path of hope and health. It is especially effective for curing psychosomatic chronic conditions caused by unresolved issues from past incarnations.

Crystal healers can use Fancy Jasper in in crystal layouts and Mandalas to promote deep and long term healing of both body and spirit. Furthermore, crystal healers can use a Fancy Jasper wand or pendulum for transmitting healing energies to a local or remote patient.

If someone near and dear to you is suffering from a psychosomatic chronic condition, you can give them a piece of Fancy Jasper as a personal talisman for healing and good health. Before you hand them the Fancy Jasper hold it in your right hand and with your eyes closed, utter a short prayer for that person's health and wellbeing.