Owyhee Blue Opal

Description for Birthstone: Owyhee Blue Opal

The Owyhee Blue Opal (pronounced Oh-wah-hee) is a newly discovered variety of Blue Opal. This distinctive variety of Blue Opal was discovered in 2003 near the sacred Native American springs at Owyhee, in Eastern Oregon. When the Owyhee Blue Opal is freshly mined, it is translucent due to its high water content. But after the stone is exposed to air, it slowly turns opaque as a result of the gradual evaporation of the water within it.

Like all blue stones, also the Owyhee Blue Opal is a stone of communication, especially telepathic communication. Being a water element crystal, the Owyhee Blue Opal is an excellent crystalline ally to use in ceremonies for rain, fertility and wealth. Furthermore, the Owyhee Blue Opal can serve as a personal fertility amulet as well as a talisman for attracting financial success and general good fortune.

Like all water element crystals, the Owyhee Blue Opal is a stone of intuition and psychic perception. Mentally the vibrations of the Owyhee Blue Opal help to boost one's memory. This stone is also helpful in past life memory recall, which is a necessary part of past life therapy.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Owyhee Blue Opal will help you open up to receiving prophetic visions containing Divine messages. Psychic mediums can use a piece of Owyhee Blue Opal (either raw or tumbled) for scrying or for telepathic communication.

The Owyhee Blue Opal aligns motivation and will power with the powers of perception, comprehension and expression. This makes the stone a wonderful manifestation crystal. When uttering a prayer or making a wish, wear a piece of Owyhee Blue Opal on a choker over your throat to enhance the impact of your words. When writing an incantation, or when channeling Divine messages from your spirit guides by means of automatic writing, wear a silver ring set with a piece of Owyhee Blue Opal on the index finger of the hand with which you are writing. This will increase the clarity of your sentences as well as the effect of your words.

The soft yet focused vibrations of the Owyhee Blue Opal make it a perfect stone for shy, indecisive, hesitant and emotionally insecure individuals. The stone's energies help to boost one's self-confidence, stamina and personal power but at the same time will not allow one to become arrogant, blatant or bullying. In short, the Owyhee Blue Opal is a stone of calm strength like the still waters that run deep.