White Topaz

Description for Birthstone: White Topaz

White Topaz, also known as Colorless Topaz, is an aluminum silicate mineral. Topaz occurs in a variety of colors; however, the Colorless Topaz is the purest form of this gemstone. The origin of the name "Topaz" is unclear. According to one opinion, the name Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word "Tapas" meaning 'heat' or "fire". Another opinion states that the stone is named for Topazos, an island in the Red Sea where this gemstone was first mined in antiquity. Topazos is known today under the name of St. John's Island, or Geziret El Zabargad in Egyptian Arabic. The name Topazos comes from the Greek word TopΓ‘zios meaning to seek. Indeed the island of Topazos was difficult to find.

White Topaz is a stone of manifestation. Its energies help to align one's will and intentions with the Divine Will for the highest good of all. This makes the White Topaz a perfect crystalline ally for prayer and meditation as well as for transmitting healing energies. Wearing or carrying a piece of White Topaz will help to bring Divine Synchronicities into one's life.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of White Topaz aids in clearing the mind of all forms of confusion, illusions and misconceptions. Often a person will waste their energies and time on futile endeavors because they are trapped in a vicious circle of prejudices and self-delusion. Working with a piece of White Topaz will expand their awareness allowing them to see their mistakes. Once a person has seen the errors in their way of thinking, they will be able to redefine their aims and goals.

White Topaz is a high vibrational stone that promotes spiritual development. Hence, people who tend to be bogged down by their own narrow-mindedness and the limitations of the physical world, can benefit from the spiritual energies of this stone. The White Topaz will automatically raise a person's level of spiritual awareness and reinforce their faith in the Divine Source of all life on earth. This will not only help them to believe in the possibility of miracles but also open their eyes to seeing the Divine in even the most mundane things in their life.

The White Topaz's vibrations can inspire artists, scholars, and writers with fresh creative energies. Therefore, if you are experiencing a creativity block, meditate or sleep with a piece of White Topaz.

White Topaz is also a powerful dream stone. Holding a piece of White Topaz against your third eye during meditation or before going to sleep will induce clear night visions and lucid dreams.