Description for Birthstone: Hemimorphite

Hemimorphite is a zinc ore that occurs in the colors of the ocean and the morning sky: white, all the pastel hues of blue, deep blue, green-blue and turquoise. Until the second half of the 18th century, Hemimorphite and Smithsonite were classified as the same mineral under the name of Calamine. However, at the beginning of the 19th century it was discovered that Hemimorphite, a Zinc Silicate and Smithsonite, a Zinc Carbonate, are two separate minerals. Crystal healers and lightworkers can easily discern the distinct healing energies of Hemimorphite versus Smithsonite.

Just like its colors, Hemimorphite vibrates the energies of the ocean and the morning sky; the stone integrates intuition and emotional intelligence with rationality and intellectual abilities. This helps you to transform spiritual inspiration into a physical reality.

Hemimorphite is a healing stone that aids in regulating one's appetite and digestive system. It also helps in the assimilation of nutrients and thereby boosts the metabolism, to alleviate chronic fatigue. People suffering from obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes should carry or wear a piece of Hemimorphite.

Psychologically, Hemimorphite balances one's emotions. On the one hand, this stone helps you to be both carefree and have happy-go-lucky attitude. On the other hand, it keeps you grounded and level headed, reminding you of your responsibilities and duties.

Hemimorphite is a stone for personal empowerment. It's vibrations raise your spiritual awareness and help you to break out of the vicious circle of self-centeredness. This allows you to take full responsibility for creating your own personal happiness and success. Once you stop blaming your supposed "Bad Luck" for your unhappiness and failures, you will be empowered to change your fate for the better. As the saying goes: Nothing can withstand the power of a strong will. And: Where there is a will there is a way.

Hemimorphite is a stone that brings good fortune, sharpens the mind and gives charisma. Carrying or wearing a Hemimorphite will aid you in seeing yourself for what you are without illusions. Once you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, your unused potential and that which needs to be changed, you will be able to become a better person and live a happier life. The stone's energies motivate you to proactively take the necessary steps for improving your fate and fortune. Good luck will come your way once you summon the will power to change your life for the better. Remember: what you sow is what you reap. If you allow failure to bury any future initiative then you have chosen to be unlucky. However, if you use each failure as a stepping stone for acquiring new skills and abilities, then you have chosen to be lucky.